The Chemical Breakdown Diet - Lose 10 Lbs Fast

The Chemical Breakdown Diet comes with claims that it is possible to lose weight quickly - up to 10 lbs over 3 days is widely reported. If you feel the need to shed a little weight fast this is worth considering as the ingredients are foods commonly found in most supermarkets.

Perhaps better known as the 3 Day Diet and the Tuna Fish Diet, the Chemical Breakdown Diet is reported to succeed due to the chemical reaction of the ingredients in acting on fatty deposits and flushing them out of the system. This fat loss effectively produces a loss in weight.


Because the ingredients have been selected with this chemical reaction in mind, dieters are advised against substituting other foods and also to follow the order in which the ingredients are meant to be consumed.

Some versions of the Chemical Breakdown Diet refer to it as the 3 Days On and 4 Days Off Diet, meaning that it is intended to be followed for three days only and there should be four days of normal eating before repeating the diet. Naturally, dieters are cautioned against excessive or unhealthy eating during the four day break if the weight lost is to be permanent.


Salt and Pepper are the only recommended seasonings. Drink lots of water - 6-8 cups.


Salt and Pepper are the only recommended seasonings. Drink lots of water - 6-8 cups.

DAY 1:

Morning:: 1 tbs of peanut butter allowed with 1 slice of toast, half a grapefruit, and one cup of tea or coffee (no milk).

Midday:: 1 tbs of peanut butter allowed with 1 slice of toast, tuna (half cup), and one cup of tea or coffee (no milk).

Evening:: Skinless chicken breast (1 portion), green beans (1 cup), beets (1 cup), ice cream (1 cup), apple (small).

DAY 2:

Morning:: Boiled or poached egg (1), 1 slice of toast, banana (1/2), and one cup of tea or coffee (no milk).

Midday:: Tuna (1 cup), saltine crackers (6), and one cup of tea or coffee (no milk).

Evening: Frankfurter hot dogs (2), banana (1/2), broccoli (1 cup), carrots (1/2 cup), ice cream (1/2 cup)

DAY 3:

Morning:: Cheddar cheese (1 slice), saltine crackers (5), apple (1), and one cup of tea or coffee (no milk).

Midday:: Boiled or poached egg (1), 1 slice of toast.

Evening:: Tuna (1 cup), beets (1 cup), cauliflower (1 cup), ice cream (1/2 cup), cantaloupe (1/2)

Avoid snacking between meals. As the calories are limited and below what the body normally requires, the shortfall will be made up by consuming fatty deposits in the body. The low level of carbohydrates will prevent water retention and this also assists with weight loss. However for long term benefits and to avoid replacing the weight which has been shed, consider a change in eating habits that includes balanced nutrients and a wider range of foods to choose from.

Whilst the Chemical Breakdown Diet is simple to set up, free and convenient, its obvious limitations concerning nutrients, protein, carbohydrates and fats mean that it is not sustainable or recommended for long term use. As well consider how much easier it would be to follow a diet which does not leave you feeling hungry and craving for just a little more.

The Chemical Breakdown Diet - Lose 10 Lbs Fast

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Low Potassium Diet - Foods For a Low Sodium Low Potassium Menu Plan

The high potassium levels in the blood are usually caused by serious diseases such as kidney failure and diabetes type 1. Apart from being dangerous to the heart, this condition also has unpleasant symptoms. The most natural and beneficial way to regulate the level of this nutrient in your blood is to have a low potassium diet. It is easy to keep and is extremely effective.

As mentioned above the high potassium levels - a condition formally known as hyperkalemia occurs in cases of very serious illnesses. Having to live with one or more of them is a great strain, but with a lot of courage and faith you can really have a beneficial and complete life. The hyperkalemia symptoms are not associated with pain, but they can make you feel really bad and prevent you from going about your daily business. The fatigue, weakness and the nausea can make you be completely inefficient in anything you do while the abnormal heart rhythm and paralysis can cause much graver and permanent health problems. That is why you should take the low potassium diet very seriously - adopt it effectively and stick to it determinedly.

\"diet Foods\"

The benefits from this type of nutritional plan are many. The low potassium diet can be set up in such a way so that your body receives all the nutrients it needs for functioning properly. In this way you will not only get relief from the symptoms associated with high potassium levels, but will also make your organism strong enough to cure itself in the best way possible or adjust to living with the medical condition you are suffering from. You can accomplish the desired results in two ways - have smaller portions of food and more products that are low in potassium. The reality is that almost if not all foods contain some quantity of this nutritional element so your best chance is to reduce it effectively.

It is easy to create a healthy low potassium diet. You can readily have a serving of pasta or rice for lunch or dinner. The chicken and turkey meats contain small quantities of potassium and so does the tuna. You can also include eggs in your meal. From the vegetables you can have green peas and cauliflower as well as squash, lettuce, peppers, onions and cucumbers. You can cook any type of vegetables in a large pot of boiling water with only a little bit of salt. Draining them well will reduce the potassium in them. The small apples, grapes and most berries such as the cranberries, blackberries and blueberries are also fine choices. It is of great importance to take small servings of all these foods.

As you can see the low potassium diet is not hard, but even quite nutritional and pleasant to keep. It can provide for the effective relief of the symptoms and for the treatment of hyperkalemia. Making your dietary and cooking plan and starting today will give you the optimal results in a very short time. Take your chance to make your life better now.

Low Potassium Diet - Foods For a Low Sodium Low Potassium Menu Plan

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5 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

The number of people who have diabetes is on the rise. More and more people are overweight and leading an inactive lifestyle which makes it more likely for one to develop diabetes. If you have diabetes, you have to think of some natural ways to lower blood sugar with you since your body cannot process insulin or simply does not produce enough of it. Insulin processes the sugar or glucose from the food you eat and provides the energy to fuel your body. When the glucose is not processed through the body it stays in the blood therefore raising the amount of sugar in your blood. This condition is referred to as high blood sugar or hyperglycemia. This is a dangerous situation as it starves the organs that need the glucose and harms other organs that are receiving too much blood sugar. This condition damages the eyes, nerves, kidneys and blood vessels.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common. Around ninety percent of people who have diabetes suffer from type 2. In this type the body produces the insulin but cannot process it effectively. This type can at least be partially controlled by diet, weight loss, and exercise. Your best option is to find and follow along with other things taking any medication your doctor prescribes. Doing this will greatly reduce your risks associated with diabetes.

\"diet Meal\"

Five easy safe ways to lower blood sugar levels

1. Diet: Intake of low carb diet is perhaps the most well known way to reduce blood sugar level. Good examples of low carbohydrate foods include soy milk, pearled barley, and kippered herring. High fiber foods such as dry beans, oatmeal, bran or raisin bran cereal, whole grain bread and peanuts help to manage diabetes. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Exercise: Keep active and exercise daily. Going for a walk or other forms of exercise will help burn off some of the sugar in your blood. A brisk walk, mowing the yard and normal chores like housework are all good choices for exercises that help to regulate normal blood glucose.

3. Lose weight: Your blood sugar will be much easier to control if you get your weight down to normal levels. Follow your diabetic diet meal plan carefully and exercise regularly.

4. Supplements: People with diabetes more than likely have a zinc deficiency. Take a supplement or eat more foods that contain zinc to help to bring down blood sugar level. Chicken and sardines are a couple of foods that are good sources of zinc. Six ounces of cinnamon a day is believed to keep down sugar level naturally, it is also available in capsules if you prefer to take it that way.

5. Get plenty of good quality sleep: Not getting enough sleep can cause the body to not be able to process glucose effectively. You can help lower blood sugar by getting plenty of rest.

There are many more things you can do to improve your health and have a better life with diabetes. Always tell your doctor about any supplements you are taking. Do not stop taking your diabetes medicine without your doctor's permission.

5 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Controlling blood sugar is an art. If you want to be an expert in it, you shuld know the full details in foods to eat for diabetes AND foods to avoid for diabetes.

How To Lose Weight By Running

Do you need to lose weight and get in shape? Well, running is one of the most ideal activities for that purpose. First of all, it is very hard to get that kind of intense workout doing things such as running or low impact aerobics. In many ways, running is an ideal activity because even if you can get a good workout doing something else, it is a lot easier to keep on creating a challenging workout with running.

Set Weight Loss Goals

Before you set out to create a running plan for weight loss, the first thing you should do is decide what you want to accomplish. Determine how much weight you want to lose and how quickly you want to lose it. This will affect how often you will run and how long each running session will be. The faster, further, and longer you go, the more weight you will lose.

\"lose Weight\"

Create a Weight Loss Plan

The next thing to do is to create a running weight loss plan based on your goals. The plan should include your route, how long the route will take, and how long you want to stick with that particular route. If you want to run three or four times a week, a course of around three or four miles should be adequate.

Eat for Weight Loss

You may realize that no that you are running more, your appetite has increased. That is your body's way of telling you that you need more nutrients in your diet. It is important to eat when you get hungry, otherwise it will harm your metabolism. The important thing to remember is to make good food choices and to not overeat. As long as you are eating a little less than what you need, it will not hurt your metabolism. In fact, you will begin to lose weight because your body will use your extra fat as fuel.

Keep it Challenging

One thing about running is that it is very easy to adapt to your current plan. That is why it is important to keep the workout challenging. One way to do this is to change your route after a few weeks by either lengthening it or choosing something else. Another good way to make your running challenging is to do intervals. Interval training is when you alternate running fast with jogging. You can increase the fast running intervals each time you feel your body begin to adapt.


It is not only possible to lose weight running, but running makes it much easier. Just remember to keep your route challenging and to make sure you eat nutritiously.

How To Lose Weight By Running

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Fatty Liver Diet - Foods To Eat To Treat Fatty Liver Disease Naturally At Home!

The fatty liver disease is a condition in which lipid deposition occurs in the liver cells mainly in the form of triglycerides. Basically, if the liver contains at least 10 percent fat, then the individual is suffering from fatty liver disease. The condition is the most common liver disease in the Western world because of lifestyle and nutrition. It occurs mainly in obese individuals and is also associated with alcohol abuse, diabetes mellitus, elevated blood lipids, hepatitis C, bariatric surgery and the use of medications such as cortisone and estrogen, which is a rather rare side-effect.

While several years ago, doctors didn't pay particular attention to this disorder, now things have changed. This is because it has been found that a percentage of people who suffer from this condition will develop cirrhosis and cancer. Fortunately, this percentage is rather small.

\"diet Foods\"

How to treat the problem:

Due to the fact that there are no medicines available to cure this condition, the main treatment is lifestyle modification. The cessation of alcohol, the regulation of body weight, glucose and triglycerides and the increase of physical activity are very important factors against this disease. One of the best ways to treat this condition is to be careful about the foods you consume. There are some foods that could be very helpful and others that should be avoided completely. Here is a list of the foods you should eat, if you suffer from this disorder:

    • Vegetables: try to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale and broccoli, which can help to detoxify the liver. Artichokes will also help to strengthen the liver cells. Additionally, try not to overcook the vegetables, because they might lose most of their valuable nutrients.
    • Fruits: You should eat fruits like apples and oranges that contain high levels of antioxidants, which not only help to heal the condition, but also aid in body detoxification. What is more, plums, prunes, dark berries and grapefruit can be very healing.
    • Whole grains: You should eat plenty of whole grains such as flax seeds, brown rice, oatmeal and barley that have a low glycemic index. These foods can be easily metabolized and have many health benefits.
    • Lean protein: The liver needs protein to repair the damage of its cells and prevent the accumulation of fat. However, when a person suffers from this disorder, the liver has trouble metabolizing the additional protein. Instead, it converts the extra protein into ammonia, which can cause further damage. For this reason, any extra protein consumed by the patient should be in the form of lean protein. It would be a good idea to avoid red meat (which is high in cholesterol and contains a lot of saturated fats) and eat plenty of fish or soy.
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    Fatty Liver Diet - Foods To Eat To Treat Fatty Liver Disease Naturally At Home!

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Paleo Diet Meal Plan: Tips for a Successful Paleo Diet

This article assumes that you are already familiar with the Paleo diet and now want to adopt it for yourself. The "Paleo diet" has an obscure sounding name and lots of seemingly bizarre rules: no bread or beans? Despite the list of dos and don'ts, the theory is the easy part, the doing it is the hard part.

Eat only what the earliest humans ate.

\"diet Meal\"

It's that simple. What isn't so simple is keeping your commitment. If you're like me, or most humans really, goal setting easy. How many New Year's Resolutions have you made? How many have you fulfilled? So before you jump into the Paleo diet only to abandon it a few days in, set yourself up for success.

Make a Paleo diet meal plan

My least favorite part about adopting a new healthy eating regiment is that invariably the cookbooks will list out recipes which require ingredients I don't have. Since you can't buy 1 tablespoon of paprica, I end up buying a whole bottle... and more than I need of countless other ingredients. Meal plans are tedious, boring, and rigid. "I'll just go with the flow," I tell myself. The problem is that going with the flow requires a mastery which I do not yet posses. I need a Paleo diet meal plan because if I don't have one, I'll end up eating unseasoned chicken breast and apples for every meal of every day. That is not sustainable.

You can make a plan yourself or find one online but you need a plan. A goal without a plan is only a fantasy. Map out what you'll eat for the next 1 - 4 weeks. You don't need an exact meal by meal "I have to eat this Tuesday for lunch" but you should have enough meals to get you through. You should also make sure you have enough breakfasts, enough lunches, enough dinners, and enough snacks. Never underestimate snacking. If you don't plan for snacks, you'll either ditch your Paleo diet meal plan immediately and opt for a non-Paleo snack or you'll be so hungry when meal time comes around that you don't stick to the Paleo diet meal plan. You don't want that. Include a variety of foods in case you're just not in the mood for something and make sure you, at least in the beginning, stick with what you know. If you can't prepare, or don't really like, the food you're eating, you won't stick to your Paleo diet meal plan.

Evolve: if humans did it, so can you.

Start with foods you know and like but don't stay there. Gradually introduce new foods into your Paleo diet meal plan over time. Your first week should be only foods you know and love. Your second week, try to eat something new once per day. After that, try to incorporate something new and unusual into every meal. A key component to the Paleo diet is variety. Hunter-Gatherers didn't have the luxury of a grocery store, or even a Paleo diet meal plan; they ate what was available. You need to intentionally branch out in the beginning because we have been conditioned to only eat certain types of food (cereal, bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast; a turkey sandwich for lunch, pasta or casserole for dinner).

Ultimately, a written meal plan and specific commitment are crucial for your success in converting to a Paleo diet. Hey, if humans could do it before the invention of indoor plumbing, I think you can handle it too.

Paleo Diet Meal Plan: Tips for a Successful Paleo Diet

Paul Christensen is an on-again-off again vegan, vegetarian, raw foodie, Paleo dieter, exercise enthusiast, fast foodie, couch potato. You can learn more about how to set up your own paleo diet meal plan [] at his website []

How to Follow a Gout Diet - Foods to Eat to Stop the Pain of Gout

The pain of gout is difficult to describe. If you ask someone who has had this condition they'll tell you that it's a pain unlike any they've ever felt. Many women even claim that it's worse than childbirth pain. There's no arguing that gout is tremendously uncomfortable and once the attack strikes it may be hard to find relief. One way to remedy gout if you're prone to it is to try and avoid another flare up. You can do that in several ways and one way is through what you eat. When it comes to a gout diet, foods to eat are just as important as though you need to avoid.

You probably already know that drinking enough water is really important to good health, but it plays a part in controlling gout pain too. A full eight glasses of water each day is recommended. You can get that through drinking tea and coffee, or just by drinking sparkling or bottled water. Another good beverage choice for people with gout is carbonated juices. There are lots of these available to you and they're not only good for your gout but they taste good too.

\"diet Foods\"

Certain fruits and vegetables are better than others if you've got gout. You want to eat cherries. They're proven to help with gout. If you can't find any fresh ones, try the canned or frozen types. Cherry juice is really good too. Bananas will be helpful for your gout pain too. It's good practice to eat a banana a day to help ward off the pain of gout.

One of the things you should be eating more is fish, particularly tuna and salmon. Most people are used to eating tuna or salad salmon sandwiches and those are a good choice. You can try fresh salmon or tuna too. Most grocery stores have a fresh fish counter now so you can choose a fillet and cook it up tonight. There are lots of recipes online for fish, but just be sure to choose one that is filled with healthy ingredients.

Chocolate is on the list of foods you should be eating if you have gout. Dark chocolate is the best choice. You can eat it right from the bar or mix it with low fat milk to make homemade hot cocoa. You want to be careful with how much chocolate you eat though. It does have sugar so it can really add to your daily calorie intake.

How to Follow a Gout Diet - Foods to Eat to Stop the Pain of Gout

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You can be pain free just by using a simple home remedy. Gout doesn't have to be a part of your life.

Fastest Way To Lose Weight Is Also The Easiest

If you are looking for the fastest way to lose weight and you have over 10 pounds to lose, you're in luck. A breakthrough weight loss system, originally highly guarded by bodybuilders and people in the anorexic community, is finally being exposed to everybody. This is not unhealthy or faddish, and is actually clinically proven to be very beneficial, both physically and psychologically on dieters.

This weight loss system, called "calorie cycling", enables people to shock the metabolism into burning fat more efficiently, thus resulting in more rapid weight loss.

\"lose Weight\"

Dieters are never hungry and never in a "famine" mindset. There is also never any unrealistic starvation or removal of any one food group, such as low carbohydrate. People get to choose what they want to eat, so there are no pre-packaged foods, pills, potions, liquids, bars, or anything to buy. In tests, people lost much more weight with this versus starvation, low calories, and 99.1% of the other "fad" diets.

This weight loss method is so powerful that it allows people to lose up to 11 pounds every 13 days. In very rare cases, some people (those with a lot of weight to lose) have reported losses of up to 35 pounds in a month. This is absolutely the fastest way to lose weight.

Other benefits of this diet are that dieters can avoid the "plateau" effect by switching their calories, and they can eat whatever they want (in moderation - but reasonable moderation, not tiny servings).

In research, dieters were happier and more willing to stay on this diet versus traditional diets such as low calorie and low carbohydrate. Energy levels stayed the same or higher as compared to other diets as well. If you have 10 pounds or more to lose, calorie cycling is absolutely the fastest way to lose weight.

Fastest Way To Lose Weight Is Also The Easiest

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List of Gout Diet Foods to Eat and Gout Foods to Avoid

A correct diet for gout is needed to help prevent gout from seriously damaging your health. Here you'll find a list of gout diet foods to eat and foods to avoid.


\"diet Foods\"

Your agonising symptoms of gout are caused by uric acid crystals that have formed in your joint(s), which can form when you have high uric acid in your blood. This usually occurs when your kidneys either can't excrete excess uric acid from your body effectively enough, or, your body is manufacturing too much acid for your kidneys to be expected to handle.

Uric acid is produced as a result of the natural breakdown of chemical compounds in your cells called 'purines,' but, they also exist in our foods at varying concentrations or levels. Some have high / very high levels, others have moderate, and others relatively low purine levels.

The trick is to identify those foods that have high / very high purine levels and avoid those. And supplement with those foods that have relatively low levels. And to help you do this I've listed the foods you can eat with gout, and, the foods to avoid for gout...


These are some of the low-purine foods that go to make a good gout diet:-

Complex carbs (cereals, rice, pasta, vegetables, fruits, etc. - not white flour products)
Low fat dairy produce (low fat cheese, milk, yoghurt, etc. - but not soya)
High vitamin C foods (fruit, potatoes, red bell peppers, red cabbage, etc.)
Essential fatty acids (nuts, seeds, flax-seeds, tuna, etc.)
Vegetables (celery, cabbage, parsley, kale, other green-leaf vegetables, - but not cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, mushrooms)
Fruit (especially cherries, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, other blue / red berries)


These are some of the foods, that are high / very high in purines, and should be avoided:-

Red meat (burgers, mincemeat, game, etc.)
Offal (liver, heart, kidneys, etc.)
Poultry (duck, goose, etc.)
Some fish (herring, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, etc.)
Shellfish (mussels, shrimp, scallops, etc.)
Gravy (broth, consomme, etc.)
Yeast (baker's and brewer's)
Dried legumes (peas, beans, lentils, etc.)


A good gout diet is an essential starting point in helping to get rid of the symptoms of your current gout attack, and, to prevent frequently recurring gout attacks, which can lead to permanent joint damage, kidney problems and hypertension, etc. Plus, once having had gout you're chances of more attacks are markedly increased.

But there are several other important issues to consider to give you the best possible chance of preventing recurring gout. These are things like your lifestyle, your weight, stress, medications being taken, family history, underlying medical conditions, and so on. You need to investigate these and sort them out.

List of Gout Diet Foods to Eat and Gout Foods to Avoid

You're in luck though. There's a special gout report available online [see below] that has all the information you need in one place. It is what thousands of ex-gout victims worldwide have successfully used to prevent their gout returning. It also contains a special 2 hour gout pain relief program.

And it uses fully-researched, totally natural methods. So that you benefit two ways: (1) you get rid of your excruciating pain very fast, and, (2) you prevent your gout returning, so that you reduce the risk of permanent damage.

So, in order to get gout pain relief in 2 hours, plus, prevent your gout returning in the future, go to and discover how you can quickly do both without expensive drugs with their horrible side effects.

Laxatives to Lose Weight

If you need to lose weight laxatives can be a great alternative, it's relatively inexpensive and works. So many have so many different opinions about losing weight by taking laxatives, I however when I was in the Army decided to use this approach. It worked for me and I will share with you how I did it. The first thing I did before PT was take a laxative, then we would exercise and then I would eat breakfast I then took another one for lunch and then with my evening meal. So here are some simple instructions that you can use and you may possible have to tweak it to get it customized to fit your lifestyle or needs. If you upon awakening take a laxative then have your normal meal, you will see the weight start to roll off. In order for the laxatives to work, you must devise a plan. For instance you should at least take a laxative before every meal, so if you eat three times a day then take a laxative before each of the meals that you take, that way everything you eat will be released.

You have to be sure to drink a lot of water because the bowel movements may be loose and cause you to lose body hydration. The key is to be able to take the laxatives in a safe way and be able to lose weight and maintain your body's elasticity so that it's not depleted of its natural water sources. Another way that you can use laxatives to lose weight is to simply take one in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before you go to bed. If you choose to do it this way then you need to make sure that you are prepared to be awakened in the nighttime. The main thing to know when taking a laxative to lose weight is to be sure that you have something in your system; no matter how little it is, just have something that can come out.

\"lose Weight\"

Now if you have suffered from constipation or have irregular bowels then, there will be no need to eat full meals, because you have accumulated waste still in your body that can be flushed with a laxative. Basically all that happens when you take laxative to lose weight is that the laxative flushes out what is left in your stomach, then goes through the intestines and gets the left overs. Now a laxative may not completely flush the lower intestine, but it will clean out enough to make your stomach flattened and the weight will come off.

So if you decide that this is the way that you want to take to lose weight then be sure that you have devised a plan, and are near a restroom, because this will make you not only lose weight but you will use the restroom too. In order to take laxatives in a healthy way it is important that they are taken in conjunction with supplements that restore important anti-oxidants to the body. Hoodia supplements help with improving the metabolic rate at which the body burns calories and restores important vitamins to the body in a healthy way. You can start losing weight with laxatives by following the Master Cleanse Diet Instructions

Laxatives to Lose Weight

David Millers reviews laxatives and recommends that they be used with healthy anti-oxidant supplements from the Master Cleanse Diet

Is A Protein Diet Right for You?

The main complaint I hear from people as they come into my clinic is about hunger. They are cutting back their calories and eating better, but they feel hungry all the time. This especially becomes a problem as you factor in exercise routines. Recent studies have shown us solutions in a protein diet plan.

Why Am I Hungry?

\"lose Weight\"

These plans actually work on a very simple premise. When you diet, you are already adjusting your calorie intake and exercise routine, which can cause you to feel hunger. This feeling of hunger stems from the kind of foods you are eating, not necessarily how much. For instance, you could consume 2000 calories of cookies fairly easily and be hungry again in two hours.

This phenomenon happens because different kinds of foods are used up by your body at different speeds. Simple carbohydrates like sugar and bread are used almost immediately. Things like proteins however, are absorbed much slower by your body. By replacing key parts of you diet with foods that stay in your system longer, you can stave off hunger, even though you are actually eating less than you did before you diet began.

How Do I Fix It?

I usually recommend a 1500 calorie diet as the baseline for weight loss. When you couple this with an active exercise routine, weight loss is steady and doesn't interfere all that much with normal life. For most people, 500 less calories just means skipping the soda and second helpings.

In a normal 2000 calorie diet, 10% is protein, 40% is fats and 50% is carbohydrates. By cutting back to 15% fat and upping your protein to 35%, you can kick start your weight loss. Be aware though that some heart conditions and especially kidney problems aren't conducive to eating large amounts of red meat. Contact your doctor before you make this change if you have any pre-existing condition!

...But I'm Still Eating Less, Right?

With this new mix of how you eat, you should feel less hungry even though you are eating less food than normal. This will allow you to focus on other activities and forget that you are dieting. Once you find a diet plan that lets you forget that you are dieting and just live life, your success is all but certain.

The short of a protein diet is that it works very well if your body can handle it. You will have more energy, more focus, not feel hungry and lose more weight. If you are lifting weights and exercising, you will also see a noticeable gain in muscle definition as you lose weight.

Is A Protein Diet Right for You?

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Mini Meal Diet - How Grazing Through the Day Can Help You Lose Weight

One of the best tips I have for you if you want to lose weight is to try a Mini Meal Diet. This is no fad diet plan. Instead, it is an approach to eating healthy foods throughout the day. The Mini Meal Diet is very simple. You should plan to eat five to six snack sized meals throughout the day. Your last meal should be supper - no snacks before bed time.

Numerous scientific and medical studies have shown that people who "graze" are much less likely to be overweight than people who eat "3 square meals" a day. One popular variant of the Mini Meal Diet is the Lunchbox diet. In this diet, you fill a refrigerated lunch box with the food you allot yourself for the day. These should be whole foods, rich in vitamins and nutrients not packaged or processed meals.

\"meal Diet\"

Then, every couple of hours, you reach into your lunch box and grab a snack. The items in your lunch box can be fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, yogurts, etc. My husband, who works at home, tries another mini meal diet strategy. Every morning, he fills one of the produce drawers in the refrigerator with that day's food. Then whenever he wants to eat, he grabs something that is "allowed." This way, he can go to the fridge when he gets the urge, but the choices are controlled.

You should definitely try to eat before you are hungry. The Mini Meal Diet allows you to get through the day with no hunger and no loss of energy.

Mini Meal Diet - How Grazing Through the Day Can Help You Lose Weight

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My 10 Best Diet and Exercise Tips That Will Help You Get Flat Abs

Do you want to get flat abs? If you do, you have to spend an equal amount of time on both the correct diet and effective exercises - both these components will help you to get flat abs. Let's have a look at an equal amount of diet and exercise tips - my 10 best diet exercise tips that will help you get flat abs.



  • Rid your cupboards of unhealthy foods - Make sure that your cupboards contain no unhealthy foods that can tempt you - because you will be tempted sometimes!
  • Stock up on healthy foods - Stock up on lots of healthy foods for the whole month. Be sure to buy good tasting healthy foods, like lots of fruits.
  • Eat smaller meals more often - Eat 6 small meals more often. You will have a faster metabolism and you will be fuller for longer, because your blood sugar will stay more constant.
  • Consume lots of protein and fat free dairy products - Protein helps you to burn fat and build muscle, and the fat free dairy products contain calcium which will help you speed up your weight loss, according to recent studies.
  • Eat healthy carbs, lean protein and healthy fats at every meal - This is the perfect combination of foods - it will keep you fuller for longer, help you to burn fat and will give you long lasting energy.


  • Do cardio interval training - Don't spend your time on long hours of cardio. All you need is 3 cardio interval training sessions of 20 minutes each a week.
  • For an extra kick, try doing the cardio first thing in the morning, before eating breakfast.
  • Train your abs from all the different angles - Make sure that you train your abs from all the different angles - your upper abs, lower abs and your obliques.
  • Train with weights regularly - Weight training is one of the best ways to burn fat, boost your calorie burn and get lean - all you need to build flat abs.
  • Get in free exercise - Free exercise will boost your calorie burn even more. It includes stuff like taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking your dog and moving your lawn.

These tips and tricks is all you need to build a flat and sexy tummy. Just implement them, follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly and you will be on your way to success.

My 10 Best Diet and Exercise Tips That Will Help You Get Flat Abs

If you are serious about getting flat abs, check out the Truth About 6 Pack Abs program - it contains everything you need to get flat abs. Be sure to read the following article about the system: The Truth About Abs Program.

Eating Healthy is Easy If You Have the Right Healthy Recipes

In today's world unhealthy foods such as processed foods, foods with too much sugar, sodium, fat are prevalent on every shelf of any store out there. The problem with eating healthy is that finding the right food is hard because we depend so much on taste as well as food content. When we don't get the taste we tend to become discouraged to want to eat healthy and the vicious dieting cycle continues. Even foods you can find like subway sandwiches still contain preservatives and things that are not good for us, mainly because these are still fast food items that the business owner wants to preserve to maintain their profits. So how do you eat healthy and have many different options as well of delicious tasting food? Healthy recipes!

When it comes to health, today more than ever, people are starting to take notice. Being sluggish and tired all the time is enough motivation for anyone to take a closer look at their diet. Healthy recipes are starting to show up everywhere and these are not recipes that look or feel or taste like dieters food! You can throw that old image of diet being synonymous with bland foods, only lettuce and a few vegetables, fruit and lettuce diets and so on, out the window. Today's healthy recipes are delicious, mouth watering, and appealing even to people who aren't trying to diet!

\"healthy Recipes\"

The main thing that makes these healthy recipes stand out in the crowd of healthy foods is that they are not only delicious, but they can be prepared to look delicious, taste delicious, and smell delicious. The hardest part of eating better or even dieting is de-programming your old idea of what delicious is. Tasteful should always be based on the tongue and olfactory (nose) not on some programming from television commercials or cleaver packaging. Most packaging says it has healthy food inside but the reality is that this is:

1. Before cooking it
2. Before adding the counter productive preservatives
3. Often is mislabeled anyway.

Healthy recipes at the core usually make use of the blends of many different healthy choices as well as ingredients that help your body operate at optimal efficiency. Items that have no taste usually (if prepared correctly) like fiber help your body to move things through it and remove toxins, foods like fruits and vegetables help replenish the body's needed vitamin supply, and are much better at this in their natural form than any vitamin will ever be. There are many ingredients you may never have even thought about that alone may not be too tasty but mixed with others could prove to be amazing. Take the tartness of grapefruit, a very good for you food by the way, that most people won't eat alone. Mix it with the sweet flavor of strawberries, berries and more into a smoothie and voila, you have your grapefruit!

You should rethink your strategy when it comes to healthy eating. Take out the negative incantations of what healthy eating means. It simply means eating foods that are good for you without the bad stuff. With the right recipes you'd be surprised how good it can be. Once your body acclimates to the new foods, it will actually reject in every way, those donuts, ho-ho's, and even foods with preservatives will taste and smell bad to you. Would you take a whopping bite out of a stick of butter? Of course not. Why? Because your body knows that's bad for you. You will instinctively know that certain foods will make you feel sluggish, and you will reject even wanting them!

Eating Healthy is Easy If You Have the Right Healthy Recipes

In addition to writing about health and nutrition which is the true passion of Jamie West, she also does product reviews as well. Please check out her new site based on the wood coat tree [].

Interesting Healthy Eating Recipes

Healthy Eating Recipes

Eating healthy is not as hard as many people make it out to be. And with the right eating healthy recipes, you don't have to settle for tasteless boring food. Good recipes can help make meal time exciting and enjoyable, with the added benefit of good nutritious food. So how can you make the change from pre-packaged convenience food to good food that is good for you, too? Most of the secret here lies in a slight shift in the way you think about meal times. Sure, you may lose some of the convenience of just popping a ready-made meal in the microwave, but the benefits certainly outweigh the loss of simplicity.

\"healthy Recipes\"

So now the question is, "Where can I find tips for easy healthy meals?" Well, the best place to find simple, easy and nutritious recipes is the internet. But if you just Google a search for eating healthy recipes, you can end up with literally millions of results. That is a lot of recipes to go through. I find that sifting through so many returns is not even close to convenient! So usually I limit my recipe search to major sites like or Both of these sites have great search tools and excellent nutritious meal ideas. And the best part of them is that you don't have to be a classically trained chef to make them. The instructions are simple and easy to follow and they are written with the home cook in mind.

So get started with your healthy lifestyle and take a look online for a few new recipes. Who knows, maybe several of them will inspire you and show you that healthy eating recipes don't have to mean dull and flavorless.

J D Harmon.

Interesting Healthy Eating Recipes

J D Harmon is a classically trained certified executive chef. He has taught cooking and nutrition classes at the local technical college on several occasions. He enjoys creating new and unusual healthy eating recipes and easy healthy meals. [Http://]

Top 5 Reasons to Research Any Weight Loss Program Before You Begin

The diet industry has grown to be an billion dollar a year industry, and what do we have to show for it? In America, we have an increasing level of obesity in adults and children, more incidents of adult onset diabetes, and an increased number of people with heart disease and high blood pressure. What this indicates is that there are a lot of weight loss programs out there, but not all of them work - and of the ones that work, not all of them will work for you. There are several reasons why you should research potential programs before deciding where to start.

1. Cost
Let's face it; you don't become a multi-billion dollar industry by giving free advice. Everyone in the industry is trying to make money, so whether or not a program works, if you don't understand how much it is going to cost you to get to your weight loss goal, you may not be able to afford to get there. There are some programs that seem inexpensive up front, but once you finish buying prepackaged meals, diet shakes, or other products, you can easily end up spending thousands of dollars. Before beginning a program, research how much it will cost.

\"meal Diet\"

2. Requirements
You may discover a fabulous new way to lose weight that seems to be having amazing results, but if you don't do your research, you may not know that to lose the weight, the participants have been using a diet pill that you can't take because of other health issues or associated risks. In order to determine if the program is right for you, you need to understand what you will be required to do to achieve the results you want.

3. Risks
All weight loss programs carry some risk, whether it is risk to your weakened heart in meeting the exercise requirements or risk to your blood sugar levels because you're significantly reducing the amount of calories you are consuming. Before beginning any program, you should investigate the risk involved and you should get checked out by your doctor and make sure you are healthy enough to participate.

4. Results
In many cases, weight loss programs brag about results and make you think that you can achieve those results too. Digging a little deeper can help you discover both the false claims and the claims that are true but only for a short time. There are several fad weight loss programs that will give you dramatic results - for a while. In the end, you regain the weight plus more because the program is not designed to help you change your lifestyle to keep the weight off.

5. Capability
No matter how good a weight loss [] program is, if you cannot comply with the requirements of the program (daily exercise, reducing calories, getting more sleep, buying food, paying for participation, traveling to a clinic, taking specific medications) you should not invest in the program. You need the logistical and financial capability of participating in the program as well as the ability to do what the program demands.

Top 5 Reasons to Research Any Weight Loss Program Before You Begin

Shape Shifters [] is a dedicated healthy living company specializing in medically supported treatments to assist the seriously overweight to take control of their health through achieving significant fat loss. The company's professional consultants work with obese clients to help them shed weight for life with the use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), a natural, water-based hormone that acts like a fat liquefier while helping to control appetite and increase metabolism.

Shape Shifters helps their clients to safely and rapidly reduce fat, losing up to 40 pounds in 40 days and then works with them to develop healthy habits and make lifestyle changes that will keep the pounds off. By losing weight, Shape Shifter clients are often able to eliminate reliance on medications, reduce cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure while reducing the need for invasive surgical procedures.

Are There Bad Fruits For Diabetics to Avoid?

It is well known that diabetes is a dreadful disease which is caused due to the excess sugar deposited in the blood. Usually, blood glucose levels depend on the volume and nature of the foods taken. There are some diet foods including fruits which increase the blood sugar levels. The fruits identified as bad fruits for diabetics should be totally avoided. Diabetes can deteriorate the patient's condition if the patient happens to consume foods that are not recommended by the dietician. There are some diet foods, in general, which are to be totally avoided. There are some other foods which can be eaten in small quantities just for taste. The third category of diet foods are those which should necessarily be consumed for controlling blood sugar.

By foods, one should not mistake rice or wheat or bread pieces alone. These foods are normally eaten by all people with vegetables as side dish. Many people do not eat fruits but they simply taste them. Eating is different from tasting. It is emphasized that the diabetics should EAT fruits also. It is not sufficient that they simply taste fruits. Some fruits should be eaten in one plateful as a regular meal. In similar sense, there are some other fruits which should be totally avoided when they are loaded with high sugar.

\"diet Foods\"

In fruits also, there are some varieties rich in fiber content and others rich in fat content. Since the fiber content foods are good for diabetics, you can eat such fruits and avoid other fruits which contain high sugar. Good nutrition is the basic requirement to get rid of diabetes. Vitamins and minerals are also needed at balanced level. 

Bad fruits for diabetics:

There are some diabetes fruits to avoid since they are partially harmful for your health. Fruits like mango, banana, ripened papaya, pineapple and sweet grapes are not helping to beat diabetes. Since these fruits do not contain pectin needed for stimulating good digestion, they are not helping to clean your digestive track by removing the waste products. So, all such fruits are very bad for diabetics.

Synthetic juice in the name of fruit juice is highly harmful. The juice is highly sweetened with refined sugar. Fruit salads can be good but fruit drinks and sugar cane juice are not recommended for diabetics. There are lots of ready packed fruit drinks which are sold in the market. They contain synthetic sugar which can be extremely harmful for the diabetics. They should be completely avoided even though the label of the packed food may contain the words of promising that it is sugar free.

Are There Bad Fruits For Diabetics to Avoid?

Controlling blood sugar is really an art. If you want to be an expert and safe, you should know the description of foods to eat AND foods to avoid for diabetes.