Meat Protein Alternatives - Healthy Vegetable Proteins

Meat products including poultry and seafood provide a quick, easy source of nourishment and protein. However not only is meat difficult to digest, it is also high in fat and cholesterol. Meats are also more likely to get bacterial contamination. In fact 20-25% of all bacterial contamination results from meat consumption.

There are healthy alternatives available that provide all the proteins and other essential nutrients required by the body. Moreover several studies including one that covered over 4000 people in the US, UK, China and Japan have shown that vegetable proteins help to lower blood pressure.

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Spirulina - Spirulina is a blue-green algae which provides upto 71% of protein which is far superior to any other animal or vegetable protein source. Moreover the protein from spirulian is composed of 18 amino acids making it a complete protein which provides all the essential amino acids needed by the body. Spirulina is also almost fully digestible which allows it to be almost immediately absorbed by the body. In addition to having the highest protein content, Spirulina also contains large amounts of other nutrients such as B-complex vitamins, phycocyanin, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and various minerals leading it to being called a superfood.

Soy - Soy is also a complete protein providing all the essential amino acids and is easily digestible. It contains saponins, phytosterols, and isoflavones and is considered to be a cholesterol lowering food. There are various soy products such as soybean flour, tofu, soy milk, tempeh which is like a cake and miso - a paste made from soybeans

Legumes - Beans and split peas are also have high protein content and nutrients. These are heart healthy and help in lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol. They make for a tasty meal as salads or pureed into soups. Flour from certain types of split peas such as Bengal gram is used as batter in a number of recipes in India which has a large vegetarian population.

Seitan - Seitan or wheat gluten has also been called wheat meat due to its similarity to meat in looks and texture. Seitan in its raw form without further commercial processing contains low sodium, with no fat or carbonydrates but has a high 7.5 grams of protein per ounce. A staple among Chinese vegetarian monks and farmers, it is used as a meat substitute in many Chinese recipes.

Meat Protein Alternatives - Healthy Vegetable Proteins

Read more on the benefits of Spirulina - a superfood that provides the highest form of protein and helps to lower cholesterol and build immunity

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Lose Weight Quick Tip

The key to losing weight quick is following a great eating program. Most people overlook this aspect of weight loss even though they have been told how important it is. People figure if they exercise and work out hard enough, the weight will fall off no matter what they are eating. In reality, your diet is 4 times as important as exercising.

A great eating program is one that is catered to your individual likes and dislikes. This will make the weight loss process a fun one as you will still be eating the foods you do like and avoiding the ones you dislike. Most popular diets make people eat food they don't like and completely remove their favorite food from their diets. This is the reason they cheat the diet or end up quitting it entirely. If the diet includes your favorite foods, you have no incentive to stop dieting.

\"diet Foods\"

Just because it is considered a diet that doesn't mean you will be eating less food. In most cases, a great diet will allow you to eat more food than you were previously. The major change with a great eating program will be altering the frequency in which you eat and the quantity you eat in a particular sitting.

The key is spacing your meals out during the day and eating less in each sitting. Eating the big 3 meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner actually slow down the body's metabolism and make it difficult for the body to break down and digest the food. This doesn't allow you to burn the most calories possible.

Eating 5 smaller meals during the day will allow the body to function at its optimal level all day long. You will burn calories every second of the day, even when you are sleeping.

Lose Weight Quick Tip

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How to Lose 30 Lbs in 2 Months - Diet & Foods For Women to Burn 30 Pounds of Fat in 2 to 3 Months

Most women feel desperate when they see that extra flab in their body. How to lose 30 lbs in 2 months? If that is your question too then you are in the right place. Shedding those extra pounds can be easily possible by following diets, which are especially known for their fat burning properties.

You can easily burn 30 pounds of fat in 2 months by consuming diets that are rich in proteins and vitamins while low in carbohydrates and fats. You should also avoid excess alcohol consumption and smoking during your dieting session. You should eat more home cooked meals and should avoid junk food completely.

\"diet Foods\"

You should also regulate your sleep timings in order to lose weight fast. Burning 30 pounds of fat in 2 months can be only possible if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Diet & Foods For Women To Burn 30 Pounds Of Fat In 2 Months

- Diets For Women To Lose Weight includes more green leafy vegetables and fruits in order to create more metabolisms in your body. Avoid carbohydrates and fats completely because they increase the fat content in your body. It will help them lose 30 Lbs In 2 Months.

- Drink more glasses of water everyday in order to regulate the temperature of your body that may increase due to the burning of fats in your body that helps to reduce lose 30 Lbs In 2 Months. Water also keeps your digestive system clean and stimulates more digestion. Fishes and lean meat can be consumed during your dieting session.It can be one of the best diets For women to lose weight.

- You can burn 30 Pounds Of fats In 2 Months by taking smaller meals. You should take at least 6-8 small meals in order to keep the metabolism rate higher in your body. They are usually more beneficial than taking 3 large meals in a day. Diets For Women To Lose Weight should fat free and healthy.

How to Lose 30 Lbs in 2 Months - Diet & Foods For Women to Burn 30 Pounds of Fat in 2 to 3 Months

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3 Best Fruits For Diabetic Patients

In the recent years diabetes is one of the major health troubles not only in the country but also in the world. It is something that cannot be ignored as the severe complications can lead to heart disease to liver problems. Diet plays an imperative job in handling diabetes. Also diabetic patients should know what they need to eat and what to keep away from. The diabetic patient should eradicate trivial qualms from his every day life. He or she must venture to be calmer and should not get excessively worked up by the stress and strain of life.

Diabetic patients also need to have proper timing regarding their day to day meals. Skipping your meal might make the patients fall into risk of distressing the subtle constancy that exists between the insulin and the food intake. Even the dieticians suggest that the one suffering from diabetes should have low-calorie, low-fat and maintaining affluent diet in fiber and fruits. Fruits play an important serve in the good health of the patient with diabetes. Moreover there are some of the ways the fruits need to be consumed which would keep the blood sugar level normal. Again one needs to consume fruits that have rich fiber content and low sugar content. Not all fruits are good for a diabetic patient. There are some fruits which may increase the blood sugar level and thus increases the vitality of diabetes. Therefore if you are a diabetic, you need to know what all fruits are harmless to your body and consume them in greater amounts.

\"diet Meal\"

Here are 3 important fruits the diabetic patient needs to consume to keep him away from health issues: they are

  1. Grapefruit is an excellent fruit in the diet of a diabetic patient. Grapefruits need to be eaten on a regular basis and three grapefruits can be eaten on every single meal in a day.
  2. Jambul fruit is the most popular diabetic fruit to be consumed by the patient. It is treated as a good medicine because of its effect on the pancreas. This fruit is helpful as it contains a glucoside 'jamboline' that keeps a check on the pathological switch of starch into sugar in cases of augmented production of glucose.
  3. Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C content, is measured valuable in diabetes. Gooseberry helps in decreasing the blood sugar level in diabetes.

On a long run diabetic patients need to have a regular diet with lots of good fruits.

3 Best Fruits For Diabetic Patients

Controlling blood sugar levels is an art. If you want to be an expert in it, you should know the full details in Diabetic Foods to Eat AND Diabetes Foods to Avoid.

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Lemon Detox Diet Recipe - Make it Today

The lemon detox diet recipe is by far the most requested of any of the detox type recipes available online. This is due to the high media coverage the detox diet drink has received on American and British television. I must say though that it does worry me that many who take up this diet do so without consulting their doctor or without any preparation. Before I give you the recipe I'm going to take a little of your time to make sure that your detox experience is as rewarding and safe as possible.

Firstly as I have already said before starting any detox diet plan consult your doctor. We are all unique and just because a detox diet works safely for one person does not mean it is ideal for everybody.


Secondly don’t simply switch from you normal high junk food, high processed food, high caffeine intake and alcohol diet straight to a harsh detox diet. If you do the chances are high that you will fail. Make sure at least a few days before you start a detox plan that to start cutting down on the foodstuffs you know you are going to grave.

Many who do detox do feel ill for at least a couple of days. Symptoms can include feeling lightheaded, nausea and feeling week. These symptoms are common and usually last a few days. If you continue to feel ill consult your doctor. If you can't cope with the symptoms then stop the detox plan.

Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

Take a drinking glass and add 4oz of cold water

Add lemon juice from half of a freshly squeezed Lemon.

Add 2 tablespoons of Pure Maple Syrup.

Add a dash of Cayenne Pepper or ground ginger.

Using a spoon stir well. Add 4 oz of cold water then stir again.

You should also have a large glass of water each day with 1 teaspoon of salt as this helps stimulate bowl movements.

If you can't stomach the salt water drink this can be substituted with one teaspoon of senna tea replacing the salt.

Take either the salt or senna tea solution in the evening.

It is recommended you have a multi-vitamin or mega multi-vitamin each day.

You should drink at least 6 to 10 glasses of the lemon drink each day and have nothing else apart from the salt or tea drink. The detox process is meant to be followed for between 3 to 7 days.

Lemon Detox Diet Recipe - Make it Today

More information and advice about the Lemon Detox Diet Recipe that will help you on your way to success!

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How to Take Care of a Diabetic Patient

Diabetes is well thought-out as a severe trouble owing to its everlasting survival, measures & furthermore the problems that it entails. Yet nevertheless several citizens in the entire globe can be ill with diabetes, the consultants haven't revealed until now the factual cause of its occurrence. It is mainly essential to state that citizens who go through diabetes must request for remedial assistance the moment they perceive alterations within their body & abnormal indications.

Initially, diabetes arises as the beta units inside the pancreas which manufacture insulin are completely damaged. Since we are familiar with the food we consume converts into sugar or glucose serving our body to make use of liveliness. Once there are no beta units to manufacture insulin consecutively to move the glucose within the units, the sugar vestiges within the blood & since the body cannot make use of glucose, it is dripped over into the urine & gone. A lot more, diabetes is able to go ahead to relentless health difficulties, for example heart malady, kidney malfunction, loss of sight, lower-extremity amputations & in several cases flat bereavement.

\"diet Meal\"

Secondly, citizens who observe definite indications which specify the occurrence of diabetes must visit a medical doctor consecutively to be given appropriate analysis. Several of the most ordinary indications which show the occurrence of diabetes are: extreme appetite & dehydration, recurrent urination, remarkable weight reduction, be deficient in energy, dried up skin, injuries that cure extremely inflexibly & constant sickness & abdomen troubles, symptom which usually occurs in form 1 diabetes.

Consecutively to get concern of the citizens who are ill with Diabetes, the diabetes society proposes, followed through the US section of Health& individual Services present 3 choices: avoid diabetes, alleviate diabetes & furthermore captivating improved care of citizens with diabetes to avoid vivid problems. The Nationwide Institute of Health (NIH) is concerned into the investigation of curing category one & category two diabetes.

All things considered yet nevertheless diabetes is apt to be a not curable disease, the scientists try to find out & accordingly to exploit in practice numerous techniques to treat diabetes, like fake pancreas growth, islet unit transplantation, pancreas transplantation & hereditary treatment. Nevertheless, awaiting these approaches turn out to be realism they must surpass all the way through a series of analysis such as preventing resistant denial, discovering a sufficient amount of insulin units, keeping units energetic & several others.

How to Take Care of a Diabetic Patient

Get more information on Diabetes Care Center.

Home Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly - 5 Tips

Exercise is an important part of any weight loss regimen. But with busy schedules, we all want to know which exercises will help us lose the most weight quickly.

Broadly, there are two types of exercises: aerobic and strength training (or anaerobic), and each one contributes differently to weight loss. Aerobic exercise burns fat calories while you are engaged in the exercise itself. On the other hand, strength training primarily contributes to weight loss by helping to increase the speed of your resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is the number of calories your body burns while you are at rest. Your RMR actually increases (i.e., burns more calories) the more muscular your body is because it takes much more energy to maintain muscles than it does to maintain fat.

\"lose Weight\"

Important note: remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so some strength training exercises will make you healthier and more attractive while not necessarily contributing to weight loss. But, muscles are a "good" kind of weight and you should aim to build more muscle in order to help keep body fat at bay.

Here are 5 tips for exercises - both aerobic and strength training - you can do at home to lose weight quickly.

Tip #1: Squats: Your buttocks and leg muscles are the largest muscles in your body. Every day in front of the mirror, put your feet at shoulder width while facing forward and squat down-and-up 10-20 times for 2 or 3 sets. This will build your leg and buttock muscles. As you build up strength, try holding 2 or 5 pound dumbbells in your hands while you work out. Be sure to warm up first, and stop if you notice any sharp pain in your knees.

Tip #2: Pushups: Pushups are a form of strength training: during a pushup your arms have to support up to 70% of your body weight. Do 2 or 3 sets of 20 pushups to build arm strength and increase your RMR.

Tip #3: Jumping jacks: Jumping jacks are an excellent whole-body aerobic workout you can do right at home. Do 4 or 5 sets of 20 jumping jacks, or as needed. Hint: if you live in an apartment or stay in a second-story bedroom, be considerate of your neighbors by going outside or doing these in a first story room.

Tip #4: Fast walking: While walking is in itself a great aerobic exercise, fast walking is even better for burning fat. Make sure you really stretch first and warm up with regular walking. Once you start your faster walking pace, try to maintain as much speed as possible for as long as you can. If you get tired, try doing intervals of fast walking followed by short periods of slower walking.

Tip #5: Stepping: Stepping is a great way to get your heart beating and to burn calories. You can use your stairs at home, but for best results I suggest buying specialized stackable step mats and stack them up to at least 15 inches (38 cm). Do 2 to 3 sets of 20 steps each to begin. Even though you may not feel like the stepping is helping, it is! This exercise will not only help you lose weight but will also help shape up your buttocks and legs.

An important element in a strategy to lose weight quickly at home is to do a combination of exercises that build muscles (strength training) while burning fat (aerobic exercises). Start a regimen of most or all of these exercises 2-3 days/week and watch the unhealthy fat melt away.

Home Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly - 5 Tips

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The Acai Berry Colon Cleanse Diet

The acai berry and colon cleanse diet have both been a hot commodity to many dieters. The high antioxidant content in the acai gives you a boost of energy to the body and helps the body burn unnecessary fats. The colon cleanser removes hardened fecal matter and harmful bacteria.

Many celebrities have featured the acai berry on their programs. Oprah Winfrey and her Dr. Oz have both explained the attributes of the acai berry. The studies by the University of Florida has proven that treatment with the product for twenty four hours can suppress cancer cells. Rachael Ray on the Food Network has also used it as a healthy way to diet.


As the acai berry cleans the system of waste, the colon cleanser will flush the intestines for an effective method to keep losing weight. I have found a few product review sites that have provided genuine feedback comments which have reflected a positive relationship with their provider.

Colon cleansing can be done in many ways, although not every method is safe or as effective. The few methods that provide a safe and effective result are quite simple. A daily regiment of the colon cleanser supplement will produce surprising results. The colon contains the most waste throughout the whole body, pounds and pounds of it. This waste needs to be dealt with for a healthy body and mind.

Each of these products will provide surprising results in a matter of days. With both the acai berry and colon cleanse diets fantastic results are achievable

Many testimonials from customers are positive and provide important feedback. A few customers have taken both the acai berry colon cleanse diet to increase their weight loss potential.

With both the acai berry and colon cleanser working simultaneously the body could instantly shed pounds of pure waste that's been building up inside your body for years!

The Acai Berry Colon Cleanse Diet

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How to Make the Lemon Detox Diet Drink - The Correct Recipe and Ingredients

Getting this very simple recipe right is crucial to your ultimate result.

Ingredients for the Lemon Detox Drink


  • 2 Tablespoons Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • 2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup Grade B
  • 1/10th Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
  • 8 fl Oz's Pure Water

Mix all of the ingredients together in a glass and enjoy! Initially you may find the cayenne pepper a little hot, especially if you are not used to spicy food but this is something that you also become accustomed to very quickly.

I was quite surprised at how hot it was when I first tried it but I was soon adding extra cayenne for an even stronger detox towards the end.

You'll need to drink a minimum of 6 detox drinks throughout the day. Somewhere between 8 - 12 is ideal. Make sure that you are also drinking plenty of fresh pure water throughout the day too.

Whenever you start to feel a bit hungry, go and mix yourself a drink. This tends to keep hunger pains at bay pretty quickly. Once you get past day 3, you'll probably find that you will experience very few actual hunger pains although about 1 in 4 people do say that they have regular hunger pains throughout. But don't worry, I've got a good feeling that you'll be one of the lucky other 3!

The drink is best made fresh each time that you want to drink it but this sometimes isn't possible, especially if you are heading off to work. To try and maintain the cleaning power of the lemon enzymes, make a concentrate of the maple syrup and the lemon juice and just add water when you want to drink it.


So if you were planning on drinking 3 drinks whilst you were out, you would need to make up a concentrate of 6 tablespoons of lemon juice and 6 tablespoons of maple syrup.

To make life easier on yourself, take 3 separate bottles of water each containing 8 fl Oz's of pure water but with the capacity for 10 fl Oz's as you will be adding your concentrate to it.

You'll need to pack a tablespoon for measuring and your cayenne to add at the end. (you can add 3/10ths of a teaspoon of cayenne to the concentrate but cayenne tends to get hotter when it hits liquid and is left for a period of time).

Once you're ready for a drink, just get your concentrate out and give it a good shake, then measure 4 tablespoons into the bottle, add your cayenne, shake and drink!


If hunger creeps in just distract yourself. I decided to detox my house whilst I detoxed my body. There is nothing quite like cleaning to keep you focused and distracted. My house had never looked so good by the time I had finished my detox and of course it helps when you get so much more energy than you normally have.

If you don't have a house to clean try some light exercise as this will make you feel great and keep your mind off food. Don't forget to keep drinking the detox drink and replenishing your water supplies.

How to Make the Lemon Detox Diet Drink - The Correct Recipe and Ingredients

Nikki writes a blog focused on the Lemon Detox Diet and also has a completely Free Guide to the Lemon Detox available on her site.

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How Many Calories Can I Have And Still Lose Weight?

To figure out how many calories you should have, first start with where you are. In other words, figure out how many calories it takes to maintain your present size and then reduce from there. You can go about this in many ways. Most people simply choose an arbitrary number like 1200 calories and that's what they eat, but in nearly every case that's not nearly enough calories to ensure adequate nutrition, not to mention the deprivation that sets up.

While losing weight and to this day, I eat over 2000 calories a day on average and I've maintained a good weight for my height for over 17 years. Remember, your body requires calories to maintain itself.

\"lose Weight\"

Basic Calorie Requirements Calculation Based on Activity Level:

Sedentary : 13 X Weight = Avg. cal/day

Sedentary is not exercising at all

Moderately Active: 16 X Weight = Avg. cal/day

Moderately Active is exercising approximately 3-4 times per week

Very Active: 19 X Weight = Avg. cal/day

Very Active is 5-7 strenuous exercise sessions per week.

If you weigh over 200 pound now, and you'd like to weigh closer to 150, here is a calculation you could use to get started: Assuming you are going to be adding enough exercise to quality as Moderately Active, we'll use 16 as our modifier:

150 pounds X 16 calories per pound = 2400 calories

Less 500 (Using the common 500 calories per day reduction) gives us a total of 1900 average calories per day

If you started to incorporate a plan that allowed an average of 1900 calories every day, you'd start to lose weight. The mistake most people make is to reduce calories too much, which ultimately sacrifices muscle plus sets you up for feeling deprived. It's far better in the long run to go more slowly, keeping as much muscle as possible while burning calories via exercise. Remember too, even if you don't eat quite that many calories on many days, you might eat more on the weekends for instance, so it ends up being closer to your goal of 1900 average per day. Take the total calories for the week divided by seven.

Remember, this average calorie number gives you plenty of wiggle room during the week. You can have some treats along with everyone else, or add more on weekends. Instead of constantly saying, "I can't, I'm on a diet," now you can say, "Thank you, that looks delicious," and enjoy some. It doesn't ruin your diet plan because you've got a large enough calorie allowance that if you are more careful some days than others, it will work out to the average number of calories you want. I tend to eat far less calories during the week than on weekends and my totals generally average out to 2000 to 2200 calories per day.

The 500 calorie reduction is a well accepted amount. You can reduce your calories further, but I wouldn't recommend it. It doesn't benefit anyone to try for faster weight loss, in fact, if you reduce your calories too much you end up wasting muscle in the process, which is exactly what you do not want to do. If you want faster results, it's better to add more activity, thereby burning more calories at rest.

You may be thinking I'm nuts, recommending 1900 calories per day, but I can say for a fact that if you eat too little (1000 - 1200 calories is too few, IMO) then you set yourself up for all of the following:

Deprivation. You're going to feel deprived, mentally and physically. 1000 calories isn't enough for your basic metabolic needs, much less to fuel yourself for your activity needs. Add more food! Just have a bit more than you're already having, so for instance, if you are allowed 1/2 cup of vegetables is a whole cup going to ruin all your progress? I doubt it. Eat a whole cup, or go ahead and have two oranges. Fruits and vegetables are very low calorie but provide high nutrition.

Sure, some vegis and fruits are high in sugar, but it's natural sugar. I seriously doubt our planet grows any killer foods - it is more likely the food industry which has processed those foods to become nothing more than a dried powder, then add back more sugars, and chemicals so it will resemble the original product, is more harmful than a simple apple or banana?

If you are diabetic or must watch the sugars, have a small bit of protein along with the higher glycemic food, such as an ounce of cheese with your apple. Notice I said an ounce of cheese, not a slab big enough to feed a small country.

Metabolic Slow-Down Feeding yourself too few calories sets you up for metabolic slow-down. Studies have shown time and again that a heavier person can find it difficult to lose weight, even though eating very low calories, simply because their body's metabolism is burning at such a slow rate. As you probably already know exercise helps to speed up your metabolism but so does eating. That's why they say breakfast is so important, not only to fuel yourself but because it starts the metabolic furnace burning, and it continues to burn all day. If you don't eat anything until noon, you don't stoke your furnace to start burning until then either.

Has the ultra low calorie approach worked for you so far? If not, why not try something more reasonable? Tag along with a friend who doesn't have a weight problem and you'll see how sometimes they eat more, sometimes less, but on average they eat enough to fuel their body and maintain their weight.

Adding more food gives you additional eye appeal. If you split up 1000 calories over the course of an entire day you're looking at pretty skimpy portions on your plate each time you eat. I like to feel like I'm getting enough to eat and I do this by rounding out my plate with extra vegetables.

If I'm having a frozen entree for instance, I'll cook up a cup or more of frozen vegetables to add to my plate. The extra vegis really fill me up, providing the satisfaction I need, and I often have a bit extra vegetables to throw away. Is that wasting food? No, it's smart. Far better for me mentally to have extra food to toss away than to be licking the plate because I'm still hungry. I'm also not likely to start wanting something else to eat right after dinner if I'm feeling content with the amount I've eaten.

Make an effort to learn to like your food as is. Plain mixed vegetables with nothing on them are delicious. It took me awhile to stop putting butter on them, and then even quitting the Molly McButter (just chemicals and sodium). I eat them plain and yes, they are great. Nature made our fruits and vegetables naturally sweet and all those "extras" we are used to using like butter on vegetables or potatoes certainly make things taste all yummy but they also make us larger than we need to be. Those "extra" calories add up.

Slowly Make Adjustments to What or How Much You Eat

Wean yourself off adding sugar to your cold cereal. Read the label; all processed cereals contain a ridiculous amount of added sugar. There's no need to add more. My only exception is brown sugar on oatmeal. I don't sugar my cereal at all anymore but it took me awhile to make the change. Start by adding a bit less, then next week cut back a bit more until you break the habit entirely. Tiny changes make up for big results over time.

If you feed yourself well, and focus on increasing your activity, even if only a little, then you will continue to lose fat, build muscle and get more shapely, all the while increasing your metabolism so you can eat more food!

How Many Calories Can I Have And Still Lose Weight?

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What Are the Foods to Avoid For Diabetics?

Having diabetes requires a change in lifestyle and diet, which is why it is essential to know the foods to avoid for diabetics. Diabetes occurs when there is a lack of insulin production by the body, specifically generated by the pancreas. Insulin is important since it is responsible in converting glucose into energy. When you already have diabetes, you need to be cautious in your eating habits. This means that eating foods which are high in fiber and low in unhealthy fats should be maintained regularly. Carbohydrates often have high glycemic indexes, making them not ideal for diabetics.

Since diabetes is already a global epidemic, it is not surprising to find foods and other supplements ideal for the recipe of a blood sugar patient. However, many physicians will tell you that purchasing such diabetic food products without planning can be detrimental as well. If you don't look closely, these products could be high in fat, and worse, even expensive.

\"diet Meal\"

By adopting a healthy diet, you will be able to effectively control blood glucose levels.

If you are still a newly diagnosed sugar patient, you need to work hand in hand with an expert nutritionist so you can have the right meal plan for you. This includes the major meals and even the snacks.

Once you have worked out a diabetic meal plan, you will use this as a guide in your daily diet. Normally, your recipe will have to include whole grains and vegetables as a source of complex carbohydrates for the larger portion of the meal. Moreover, diabetics would also have to consume at least a couple of fresh fruit and vegetable servings per day.

Proteins are also essential for diabetics, and therefore should be included in the diabetic diet plan. However, lean meat choices should be chosen as much as possible. Legumes and cheese are also other choices. The consumption of diary which is low in fat is also recommended, although only in controlled amounts.

A nutritionist is still the best guide in choosing the most ideal diet for diabetic patients. As much as sugary foods are to be avoided, you also need to avoid foods with high salt content. High blood pressure is often brought about by sodium over consumption, and this is not ideal for diabetics. As much as possible, you have to avoid processed fares like canned goods and chips.

Saturated fats furthermore, need to be passed up since many diabetics are also often besieged by cardiovascular ailments. Among the foods to avoid for diabetics are butter and dairy products as well as chicken skin and margarine. Healthy fats from olive oil however are known to manage blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Full-cream diet choices should be swapped with low-fat or skimmed choices. Avoiding fried foods is necessary. Steaming, grilling, or broiling fish and lean meats are more ideal. Alcoholic drinks need to be minimized or avoided.

When you already know the foods to avoid for diabetics, you can successfully deal with your condition, and live a healthier and longer life.

What Are the Foods to Avoid For Diabetics?

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Controlling blood sugar is an art. If you want to be an expert in it, you should know the full details on what are the recommended fruits for diabetes and 6 tips on how to lower blood sugar naturally.

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Best Food to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight seems to be a tough challenge for a lot of people. You might be caught up in a situation where it is hard for you to turn your back on the lifestyle that you used to have. However, with discipline and dedication, you will be able to reach your aim of getting your desired weight. It would be far from impossible most especially when you become familiar with the best diets to lose weight. You must know what foods to include on your meal plan while undergoing your weight loss program. Remember that with proper knowledge about dieting, you will achieve weight loss.

One of the food groups that you should consider on your diet to improve your weight loss are those which are high in fiber. It has the quality of filling your stomach easily. You will experience fullness for a longer time thus you will not be tempted to eat more. Aside from that, it helps in the excretion of fats in your body. Oatmeal and whole-grain bread are good examples for foods which are rich in fiber.

\"diet Meal\"

For you to regain energy after doing your exercise regimen, it would be wise to eat foods which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. They provide you with the energy that you need to perform the activities that you have to do daily and at the same time they do not give you any trouble on gaining weight. Canola oil, soybean and olive oil are just few of the options that you can choose from.

One of the healthy and best diets to lose weight is a meal plan that includes fruits and vegetables. Even if you consume a lot of these types of foods, you will only have little or no weight gain. It is good for the body and best for digestion, thus, promoting weight loss.

The consumption of green tea and including it in your daily diet is also very effective in losing weight. Studies have confirmed that it contains epigallocatechin gallate which is an ingredient that helps burn fat in the body. It also assists in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body. This beverage is a very good substitute for your coffee. Caffeine increases your craving for food. Because green tea is low in caffeine, it is best when you desire to lose some weight.

Weight loss can also be achieved when you follow a protein diet. The consumption of one whole egg in the morning for instance is proven to have a great impact on your food consumption for the whole day. It lessens your intake of food because just like foods rich in fiber, you feel full for a longer time. Fish, meat, nuts and beans are also rich in protein.

These are the best diets to lose weight. Aside from getting the exercise that you need, you should also remember to couple it with the consumption of the right type of foods. By doing this, your dream of losing weight is definitely within reach.

Best Food to Help You Lose Weight Fast

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How to Lose 4 Pounds in One Day

Losing 4 pounds in one day might sound like a bit of an impossible feat, but, it definitely is not if it's done the right way. 95% of people are dieting the wrong way. Eating too little, exercising too much, and living infested with parasites.

Detox Your System.

\"diet Meal\"

Detoxification is a key to healthy living, and not only that, its essential if your goal is to lose 4 pounds in one day! There are many ways to detoxify your body on the inside and out which can lead to rapid weight loss, and we'll introduce you to a few here.

Get Some Fiber.

Fiber supplements are a great way to start detoxifying your body on the inside. Fiber can grab hold of the toxins in your intestinal tract and colon and allow your body to expel these impurities along with it's natural waste process. Using a fiber supplement alone can easily give you the ability to lose 4 pounds in one day if your body is toxic. Did you know that some people have been known to die with 40+ pounds of waste in their colon? Disgusting.

Body Wrap.

A body wrap is a great way to heal your skin and detoxify your system on the outside as well. Many body wraps have the ability to aide your system in a process called lymphatic drainage. As you age, your fat cells become larger and larger, often up to three times their original size. The reason they become larger is due to toxins invading the cells. A good body wrap can help your cells shrink back to their original size and allow you to lose 4 pounds in one day!

How to Lose 4 Pounds in One Day

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1300 Calorie Diet Menu and Meal Plan

The 1300 calorie diet menu and meal plan is one of the numerous weight plans that are available which strive to bring about weight loss by reducing the calorie intake. We should be careful when following such low calorie diet plans because the drastic reduction in the calories may cause many reactions like slowing down of the metabolic rate of the body. So it is always advisable to get your doctor's approval before you start following a low calorie diet plan. Once you have decided to start with your diet and have got your physician's approval, the first step you will want to do is to chuck out all junk foods from your refrigerator and stack the fridge up with fruits, vegetables and health bars that are low in calories and whose sugar content is negligible. You can also get some protein powders which can be mixed with milk or water to create milk shakes which can be taken as mid-day snacks. Also forget about sweetened beverages. It is absolutely essential to drink a lot of fluids, but the fluids should be in the form of water or zero calorie beverages. If you need variety in taste, green tea is also an excellent option to keep your body hydrated.

Sample Diet Plans:

\"diet Meal\"

A sample diet plan of 1300 calories can be achieved by consuming roughly a cup of fruits, one and a half cup of vegetables, four ounces of grains, three ounces of meat and beans, two cups of milk, around four teaspoons of oil and another 171 calories of your discretion. This diet is USDA recommended and this kind of a diet will ensure that you get the necessary amount of nutrients and essential fats even if the calorie intake is low.

Sample Meal 1:


You can have a cup of cereal, a cup of skimmed meal and one small banana for your breakfast.

Morning Snack:

For a morning snack, you can enjoy a cup of skimmed milk blended with ½ cup of frozen strawberries.


Primary constituents for lunch will be sandwich and fresh fruits. You can have two slice of wheat bread, three ounces of lean meat with a thin spread of mustard, a slice of low fat mozzarella cheese and one plum.

Afternoon Snack:

For an afternoon snack, you can enjoy any delicacy of your choice but make sure that the calorie count is around 100 calories. Cottage cheese will be an excellent option for a mid afternoon snack.


The total calorie count for your dinner should come around 510 calories. An ideal dinner would be a cup of beans of your choice, two small tortilla shells, a cup of lettuce (shredded), two slices of mozzarella cheese, one serving of sour cream and some rice.

You can have a cup of strawberries for a before-bed snack.

Sample Meal 2:


For breakfast, you can have twelve ounces of coffee without caffeine, bangel-plain, two tablespoons of peanut butter, and one tablespoon of cream.

Mid Morning Snack:

A medium sized apple with peel can be consumed as a mid morning snack.


Three ounces of chicken breakfast, 12 ounces of a beverage of your choice (without caffeine), quarter a cup of croutons plain, one large of garden salad devoid of tomatoes and onions, and four tablespoons of thousand island reduced calorie Kraft.

Evening Snack:

Another mediums sized apple will do or you can choose any snack of your choice that falls within the 100 calorie count.


Dinner constitutes about 410 calories of the entire 1300 calories. You can have three ounces of chicken breast or white meat, a cup of cooked pasta and corn, one small garden salad without tomatoes or onions and two tablespoons of thousand island reduced calorie Kraft.

In generic terms, a 1300 calorie diet plan contains the following food serving amounts from the different food groups: three servings from the fruit group, five servings from the grain group, two servings from the vegetable group, six servings from the dairy group and two servings from the meat and bean group. Overly processed food stuffs should be avoided on all accounts.


Following this diet plan will lead to an average weight loss of 20 pounds in six weeks. Per week the weight loss should be around two to four pounds. The amount of weight that is actually lost depends on various factors like the amount of physical activity, calorie intake and the rate of the body metabolism.

This diet is usually accompanied with some physical and cardio exercises. Too much physical exertion should not be done because of the low calorie intake. Talk with your doctor for approval of the diet and for ascertaining the kinds of physical exercises that you can follow with this reduced calorie intake diet.

1300 Calorie Diet Menu and Meal Plan

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A High Protein Diet Plan For Healthy Weight Loss

High protein diet plans have always been popular with athletes and are now increasing in popularity among regular dieters.

While normal people who do not exercise can eat moderately high amounts of protein foods, athletes and people on muscle building diets should eat at least 1 gram per lb of bodyweight in order to build muscle. A high protein diet plan is followed by bodybuilders. Bodybuilding athletes always include a high protein food source in their daily diet.


Whether you need to lose weight or want to build muscle, a diet plan with plenty of protein will help you achieve your goal. Consuming high amounts of protein and low amounts of carbohydrate allow for a slow burning of energy and maintain stable blood sugar levels. This maintains a healthy pancreas and assists in maintaining healthy weight. Whereas diets high in carbohydrates have been linked to obesity, low-carb, diets with plenty of protein have been found to support weight loss.

Protein is the fuel for muscle building. During weightlifting and intensive training, muscle tissue breaks down. In order to rebuild that tissue we need to be on a high protein diet plan. If your goal is fat loss, a high protein diet is also very important. Most high protein diets are also low in carbohydrates and saturated fats. To accelerate weight loss, you need to reduce carbohydrates and lower the calorie intake. A high protein diet plan can help you to do this. The total amount of protein consumed should be spread over 5 to 6 meals throughout the course of a day.

The times of day you eat protein foods is important. Eat protein foods at breakfast, before a work out and for your evening meal. A good higher protein diet plan will include a good, breakfast high in protein. Immediately after a work out drink a protein shake or drink to assist with quick muscle repair. A protein meal (slow digesting form of protein) before bed, might seem strange but it provides a slow release of high quality amino acids while you sleep.

A High Protein Diet Plan For Healthy Weight Loss

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High Protein Diet Breakfast - Delicious Meal Ideas

Many people that are looking to change their eating habits either for weight loss, or simply to become healthier, are opting to start their day with a high protein diet breakfast. Eating a high protein breakfast offers many different benefits, whether you are looking to burn fat and lose weight, or simply looking for a hearty and satisfying meal to start your day.

Meals that are high in protein make you feel full faster, and with stay with you longer. They provide you with ample energy for the day, and help to keep you feeling satisfied in between meals. If you have been considering changing your eating style, and want to eat a high protein diet breakfast but aren't sure what your options are, here are a few meal ideas that will help you get started.

\"diet Meal\"

- Protein shakes-Great for those on the go without a lot of time for cooking
- Eggs-Eggs are an excellent source of protein and can be cooked in a variety of ways
- Steak and Eggs
- Bacon and Eggs
- Toast with Peanut Butter
- Cheese
- Breakfast cereal that is high in protein
- French Toast
- Protein pancakes
- Cottage Cheese
- Turkey breakfast sausage
- Nuts

Keep in mind as well, that there are numerous combinations of the above meal ideas, so you'll never get bored with eating the same thing over and over. Egg omelets loaded with fresh veggies and meat, breakfast burritos and a number of different cereals that are available will give you the variety you may desire, and still provide you with a healthy, protein filled breakfast on a daily basis. And don't be afraid to break tradition. There are many other high protein foods that you can eat for breakfast as well, such as burgers, sandwiches and more. Mix things up a little, and don't be afraid to experiment!

High Protein Diet Breakfast - Delicious Meal Ideas

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Acai Berry - How to Lose Weight With Acai Berry

What is Acai Berry?

The acai berry is a fruit of the acai palm tree. It has been harvested by native Americans for hundreds of years, forming a staple of the local diet. However, it became popular in the west only a few years ago when it was publicized in numerous TV shows, newspapers and magazine articles. Why these little berries got so much attention from the media? It turned out that acai berries contain an amazing combination of health-promoting nutrients, among them antioxidants, dietary fiber and monounsaturated fats. No wonder they have taken the world by storm!

\"lose Weight\"

How Acai Berry Helps You Lose Weight?

Acai berries are most known as a weight loss supplement, although they have a number of other benefits such as reducing the aging process and helping cell recovery. The weight loss properties of acai berry can be largely explained by the increased metabolic rate it causes. This happens because of the very large amount of antioxidants (substances, which prevent oxidative stress and cell damage) it contains. This leads to faster fat breakdown, increases energy levels and fights fatigue. Combined, these effects make the process of losing weight faster and easier without any side effects usually associated with synthetic chemicals. Many research papers suggest that eating a diet high in antioxidants is the key to successful weight loss.

How to Choose the Right Acai Berry Supplement?

The following are simple guidelines, which will help you choose the best acai supplement and not fall prey to scams.

  • Choose products that contain 100% pure Amazonian acai berry extract. Other products are a waste of time and money.
  • Steer clear of products that seem very cheap. Do not forget that acai berries are harvested manually in the Brazilian rainforest, which is a very labor-intensive task. A good price estimate is -50 per bottle and cheaper is not always better.
  • Make sure that the vendor provides money back guarantee. In a few rare cases the product may not work, the money back guarantee makes sure you don't lose money.

Acai Berry - How to Lose Weight With Acai Berry

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How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks - It Can Be Done And Here's How

Okay here's how to lose weight in 2 weeks. It's going to be pretty tough to get to your ideal weight inside of 2 weeks, unless you are just wanting to shed a few pounds, so you will usually find it easier to view these first 2 weeks as the beginning of your journey toward a healthy body. If you want to find out how to lose weight in 2 weeks, check out the rest of this article.

Step 1

\"lose Weight\"

First of all, get used to the fact that there is no magic cure. You can lose weight in 2 weeks, but unless you are planning some liposuction, it's pretty unlikely that you will be able to lose 15 or 20 lbs in 2 weeks. There isn't a magic diet drink or diet that's going to help you get gains like that in a short space of time, but if you are prepared to work hard and not cut corners you could lose as much as 10lbs in a 2 week period.

Step 2

Find out your ideal calorie intake for your height, and stick to it religiously. When trying to lose weight in 2 weeks, even the smallest slip up can put you behind schedule, so eat healthy, and stick to the calories you are allocated.

Step 3

Start exercising. If you are looking to lose weight in 2 weeks, you are going to need to do a significant amount of exercise. Cardio vascular exercise is best, as it will really help you burn the calories, but don't be afraid to get into some light weight training too. This will let your body burn calories by working areas of muscle that usually wouldn't get to be active. Also bear in mind, to lose weight in a 2 week time frame you are going to need to be exercising 5 times plus each week!

Step 4

Learn to utilize your downtime. It's a cliché, but when you are up against a tight time constraint and you want to get into shape for it, every second really does count, so using every second of the day can pay real dividends. If you work in an office for example, there are hundreds of exercises you can do at your desks without your colleagues even noticing. Doing stuff like this all day everyday can really bolster your other efforts and have the pounds dropping off you-perfect for losing weight in 2 weeks.

By now you should have realized how to lose weight in 2 weeks - the key is sensible eating and regular vigorous exercise to burn off that excess fat. Check out the links below for some excellent advice on losing weight fast.

How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks - It Can Be Done And Here's How

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Lose Weight Fast - Lose Half Stone In a Week With a Healthy Diet

A lot has been written about many diets, and many are fads. However, what you will see below is an effective, week diet to lose weight fast (up to half a stone in weight) in a healthy manner.

The rules

\"lose Weight\"

Are simple. You follow the diet as written.

No substitutions, no cheating, and no starting this diet wihout consulting your doctor first.

You will lose weight fast, and a lot of it, so make sure your body is ready for it.

There is nothing listed in the diet menus that cannot be found anywhere.

Use salt sparingly. During the week do not eat fats except as listed.

If there is a food you dislike, then this diet is not for you. No substitutions are allowed, but follow as written and you will lose weight fast and in a healthy manner

Three meals a day are allowed Breakfast, Lunch and dinner and they listed in that order below against each day.

SO here you go the lose weight fast diet follow it as written and watch the pounds fall off.


1 piece of fruit in season 1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey
Coffee or Tea

Sliced cold chicken. No skin. 1 tomato
Water or diet drink

I can Tuna

Mixed Green salad no oil, or dressing

1 slice brown bread

1 piece of fruit in season


1 piece of fruit in season

1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

Mixed Fresh Fruit Salad Water or diet drink

Grilled ground meat steak. 350 grams only

Tomato, cucumber and olives. No oil

Tea or Coffee


1 piece of fruit in season 1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

1 can of Tuna fish1 grapefruit

Water of diet drink

Any Roast meat

Mixed Green Salad, no oil

1 tomato



1 piece of fruit in season

1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

2 hard boiled eggs

Cottage Cheese


I slice of brown bread

Water or diet drink

Boiled chicken (as much as you want)

Mixed Green Salad, no oil

Tea or coffee


1 piece of fruit in season 1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

Large bowl of cottage cheese

Green salad, no oil 1 slice of brown bread

Water or diet drink Grilled fish of any kind

Large mixed salad or vegetables

1 slice of brown bread



1 piece of fruit in season 1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

Large Mixed Fruit salad Water or diet drink

Oven roasted chicken Tomato salad with lettuce and fresh onion

1 grapefruit Coffee or Tea


1 piece of fruit in season

1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

Sliced Cold Cuts

Mixed cooked vegetables

1 Grapefruit

Water or diet drink

2 hard boiled eggs

I slice of brown bread

Mixed salad no oil


Coffee or tea

Remember, no cheating. Drink also water in between meals if you are hungry. Drink water in any case, between meals. Eat early. Do not have your diner after 19:00 hours under any occasion.

You will lose weight fast where other diets have failed you in the past.

Lose Weight Fast - Lose Half Stone In a Week With a Healthy Diet

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