Apple Diet - It Works For Weight Loss, But Beware of 1 Version Of This Diet

Ever hear of the apple diet? It's a popular weight loss diet that has numerous versions and spin-offs. A lot of these versions are healthy and work for weight loss, however 1 version you must absolutely avoid.

First, why the apple diet works...


A big reason on why the apple diet works has to do with the high water content and high amount of fiber in each apple. The high water content allows you to "eat water" basically. The foods you mostly "eat water" with are generally low in calories, but very filling. For example, a 300-calorie candy bar won't fill you up, but 300-calories worth of apples will.

Another reason why the apple diet works is because each apple has 5 grams of fiber in it. It has both soluble and insoluble fiber. Having a high fiber intake is a big part of successful long term weight loss programs.

The average American only gets about 12 grams of fiber each day. It's recommended that you get 25 grams of fiber each day. I, however, advocate getting 35-50 grams of fiber each day for easy long term weight loss.

There are 2 rules to the apple diet...

Rule #1: Eat 1 apple before each meal

This is the main rule. Very simple, huh?

Just eat 1 apple before each of 3 meals. Nothing more. I won't even tell you to stop eating your favorite foods. Obviously, if you eat a little bit more healthy, you'll increase the speed in which you lose weight... but I won't force you to eat healthier.

Rule #2: Don't forget rule #1

Seriously, there is just 1 rule to the apple diet. However I want to add that I've found that my clients who have tried the apple diet get better results simply by following rule #1 and eating healthy snacks.

That's all you need to change in your diet... eat an apple before each of 3 meals... and eat healthy snacks. You can continue to eat more unhealthy type of foods for your meals. Just don't eat unhealthy snacks!

So, if you want an easy weight loss plan that isn't complicated and doesn't require much thinking on your part, try the apple diet.

Apple Diet - It Works For Weight Loss, But Beware of 1 Version Of This Diet

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How to Lose Weight Fast For Kids

Finding a weight loss method that is suitable for kids can be very difficult especially if your child needs to lose weight fast. Don't give up hope just yet! I'm about to reveal a little known secret when it comes to losing weight fast for kids. You might be a little surprised by what you find out.

Before I can reveal this secret technique you need to first grasp something that you might not be used to hearing. Food is not the enemy of fat loss. In fact, eating more food can actually cause your kid to lose more weight than by eating less. How is this possible? That is where the secret method to losing pounds quickly for kids comes into play.

\"lose Weight\"

The secret method of losing pounds fast for kids is called calorie shifting. The idea behind this dieting method is that you actually eat food food in order to burn fat. And your kid will be able to eat 4 meals a day and still lose a ton of weight very quickly. You see, there are two different things that can happen to the fat that you consume after eating a meal. Fat is either stored or it is burned. The only way to successfully burn fat by eating is to eat according to a very specific meal plan.

And this is where calorie shifting shows its true colors. This diet will make sure that your kid is getting rid of fat much more often than storing it. Your child has the potential to lose 9 lbs every 11 days just by following this diet!

How to Lose Weight Fast For Kids

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Ballerina Diet

The ballerina diet is a diet that is very effective for your body. The ballerina diet specializes in ways that you can decrease your weight and maintain your health. In other words, the ballerina diet is more than a diet. What it does is help you find the right foods to eat that works together to decrease your weight size.

This particular diet allows you to continue to eat the same foods that you are used to eating. Instead of replacing the foods that you eat with something else, you will supplement foods with one another. So if you are a really big fan of protein and meat, then you don't have to give up those foods. You would just add foods that work together with the meat and protein to decrease your weight size. Most diets tell you to stop eating this and that, but the ballerina diet is not like that all. The fact that you can continue to eat the same foods that you love makes this diet popular and worthwhile.


Certain foods that ballerina diet contains specialize in foods such as fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are very healthy additions to what your body needs. Fruits and vegetables provides nutrients for your body so you can continue to live and maintain a healthy life When certain foods that you eat are combined with fruits and vegetables, then this cancels out the fat and other harmful attributes to your body. Also fruits and vegetables that are high fiber help your body as well. Fiber specializes in helping your digestive system function. The body needs the digestive system to help break down foods and fibers makes this process a lot easier, Adding the right foods to what you eat already will ensure that you will lose weight with this diet.

In conclusion, the ballerina diet helps decrease your weight size by supplementing certain foods with the foods that you consume already. Instead of switching to a diet that restricts you from eating certain foods, the ballerina diet allows you to continue eating your favorite foods without distractions. This also allows you to maintain your health because certain foods cause fat buildup and other problems that go wrong in your body. When you eat fruits and vegetables, this helps clears out the problems that your body is under. This diet is a "win win" because it not only helps you to lose weight, but it keeps you healthy as well.

Ballerina Diet

Find more information about the Ballerina Diet here.

Prasouda Diet Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Without Hunger

The Prasouda Diet is a diet that comes from the Mediterranean regions of the world. Areas such as France, Greece, Italy, Morocco, and Spain have eaten this rich variety of full-flavored foods for centuries. Today, the Prasouda diet is peaking the interest of researchers due to its ability to protect the body from heart disease and cancer. And the public, is swarming to this diet because of its effectiveness in helping people lose weight without hunger.

What Foods Make Up The Prasouda Diet?

\"diet Meal\"

The Prasouda Diet, also commonly used interchangeably with the Mediterranean Diet, provides a variety of whole, unprocessed, and fully-satisfying foods. One ingredient you may have heard about with this diet is olive oil. It is true that olive oil, and the fruit, olives, are important staples in the Prasouda diet meal plan.

The olive oil craze came along about the same time the Prasouda Diet and Mediterranean Diets started to gain favor. The problem that many U.S. dieters run into is that they add olive oil to their diet, but don't fully understand the Mediterranean style of eating, so they do not get the full heart health and weight loss benefits.

The Prasouda Diet is more than just adding olive oil to your daily eating menu. Here are some of the basic foods that make up the healthy Prasouda Diet:

  • Large intake of whole fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grain, unprocessed breads and cereals
  • Beans, Nuts, Seeds, and Legumes
  • Fish and occasional chicken and even some red meats
  • Eggs are eaten occasionally (i.e. less than four per week)
  • Wine is consumed in moderation (i.e. one or two 5 oz. glasses a day)

Can you see from this full-flavored variety of foods how the Prasouda Diet can lead to a healthy satisfying diet that keeps hunger away?!

Why The Prasouda Diet is The Hunger Buster Diet

If you have ever tried a diet, or picked up any magazine for that matter, you know how crazy the weight loss industry has become.

Why is this?

The weight loss industry has become a billion dollar per year industry, and in my opinion, every major diet organization has to try to come up with their secret-little-known trick for fast weight loss to get the edge on the competition.

What this leads to is craziness. We have diets that completely cut out carbs, have you eat only foods that are specially shipped to you, and fat-burning shakes. Isn't it a bit crazy? Is America really going to get thin, and stay thin, this way?

The Prasouda Diet fills your body with whole foods. These are not diet foods and even if some of the ingredients, such as certain fruits that are not widely available in the United States, they can be substituted for readily available foods.

The flexibility and wide variety make the Mediterranean style Prasouda Diet so easy to adapt to. The ability to cook with full flavored fats, snack on filling foods, and enjoy a glass of wine keep you on track and wards off hunger, which causes so many to fail on other diet plans.

Prasouda Diet Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Without Hunger

If you have struggled with hunger on past diets, don't keep looking for another fad diet that has you restrict your food intake and eat boring and bland foods. It didn't work before and it will not work again.

Why not take a serious look at the Prasouda Diet and a health Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan by clicking the link.

Do not give up Hope! You can lose weight, even if you have tried every other diet and been lead astray more times than you can remember. Eat real foods that satisfy your tastebuds and keep hunger away and you will lose weight. Don't put this off one more day, go to my Wt Loss site for more.

Weight Loss Issues - Creatively Plan A Reasonable Holiday Diet

On any plan we all come up on those dreaded HOLIDAYS!! How do we enjoy the goodies that the holiday has to offer while adhering to our weight loss goals. Read on as I give some handy advice, tips and tricks to help you stay on track and avoid holiday weight gain!!

"Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything." -- George Lois


Why not try some creativity to solve some of your dieting dilemma this holiday season?
I had a client who was struggling with weight loss and her particular issue was with having too many desserts. In despair, she would then abandon her whole healthy diet plan. She knew she was in trouble when she found herself eating cold french fries out of the bottom of her kid's fast food bag. She decided instead to allow herself to have a dessert every day, but not to sabotage the rest of her diet. She called it the "Eating-Healthy-Between-Desserts Diet."

She immediately started losing weight again once she stopped sabotaging herself. When she combined it with another simple step of asking herself, "What would satisfy me?" she was able to replace dessert with fruit on many occasions - and pick up her rate of weight loss even more.
Are you ready to devise your own diet? Or are you telling yourself that the holidays are not the time to diet? Well, no, they are not the time to embark on a whole new way of cooking, learning a new online calorie counting program or imposing severe restrictions. But it is a good idea to have strategies to help us practice some restraint during the party season.

Try this: Set aside 20 minutes of "creative diet-devising time" at the beginning of each week. As you imaginatively make your plan, consult your calendar so you can make specific plans for specific days. Use my list of ideas below for inspiration. You can modify the strategies or combine them with your own. Keep it simple and make it reasonable. Write down your day-to-day commitments and absolutely have a happy holiday season!

What-Mom-Said Diet: Eat 3 balanced meals plus a single treat per day.

3-Hour/3-Container Diet: Set aside 3 hours to prepare and fill 3 large plastic storage containers with (1) low fat soup, (2) fresh cut-up vegetables and (3) fresh prepared fruit. Make a commitment to refilling the containers every time they run low.

Pure-Common-Sense Diet: Eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables and drink 48 ounces of water every day. Exercise 3 times per week for 30 minutes.

It's-Not-Christmas-Today Diet: Identify all possible "focus" (non-party) days in the week and make plans to not overindulge on those days. On days when there are holiday celebrations, find specific "focus" meals. There is no need to start the day with a donut just because you are going to end it with a piece of pumpkin pie.

Easy-Way-Out Diet: Consider splurging with fresh prepared calorie-conscious meals delivered to your door twice a week by Seattle Sutton. ( As an alternative, look for prepared healthy low-fat deli food and use the salad bar at the grocery store to have fresh veggies and fruits prepared and on hand.

Out-of-Denial Diet: Simply commit to recording every morsel of food that goes into your mouth. Those who have "journaled" food consumption in the past know that this is a sure-fire way to encourage more responsible choices.

You-Don't-Have-to-Roll-Me-Home Diet: Commit to not overindulging to the point of uncomfortable fullness. This will require eating slowly and being selective in your choices.
Oprah-Tried-This Diet: All eating ceases at 7 p.m. This may not work on late party nights, but try it on lightly scheduled days and use it in combination with the You-Don't-Have-To-Roll-Me-Home Diet on party nights.

No "S" Diet: This is my favorite internet diet. Have no sweets, no snacks, and no seconds; except on days starting with an "S": Saturday, Sunday, and special occasions. (
One-A-Day Diet: Make one really healthy choice every day: An extra walk on your lunch hour; passing on the dinner rolls; or no butter on the popcorn.

You get the idea. The important thing at adhering to your weight loss program through the holidays is that you not try to follow a diet - rather, you should ask yourself what you are willing to do.
Then give it a fun name that will help you remember it. Lastly, write it down to help you reinforce your commitment.

In Summary: You can still lose weight AND enjoy your holidays by remembering the wise words of Julia Child, "Life itself is the proper binge."

Weight Loss Issues - Creatively Plan A Reasonable Holiday Diet

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Slow Cooker Chicken Stew and Dumplings

Your complete dinner in one pot! This meal has been a family favorite for years, it appeals to the meat and potato lovers and is also quite low fat. It is quick and easy to assemble in the morning and can be left to cook all day in your slow cooker. Add the dumpling batter to the pot ½ hour before dinner. Serves 6.


\"healthy Recipes\"

3-4 medium potatoes, cut into small chunks

3-4 stalks of celery, sliced

2 cups of whole baby carrots

1 ½ cups frozen peas

1 ½ lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into chunks

1 can low fat cream of chicken soup

1 can low fat cream of celery soup

½ cup low fat milk

½ cup water

1-2 tsp poultry seasoning (according to taste)

½ tsp fresh ground pepper


1 ½ cups all purpose flour

1 tsp salt

3 ½ tsp baking powder

2 tsp parsley

1 egg, beaten

3 tbsp melted butter or margarine

2/3-1 cup milk


1. Put potatoes, celery, carrots and chicken into the slow cooker.

2. Mix soups, seasonings, milk and water together and pour over vegetables and chicken.

3. Cook on low for 7-8 hours or until chicken is cooked and vegetables are tender. (You can cook on high for 4-5 hours but results are better on low).

4. Add peas during the last ½ hour of cooking.

5. To make the dumpling batter: mix flour, salt, baking powder & parsley together; add egg, melted butter and milk to dry ingredients. Use enough milk to make a soft dough.

6. Turn heat on slow cooker to high and drop 6 spoonfuls of the batter on top of stew.

7. Cover and cook for approx. 30 minutes or until dumplings are well done. (The dumplings will expand to touch each other during the cooking, so separate them with a knife about half way through to make sure the dough on the sides gets cooked as well).

Hint: Check the stew before you add the dumpling batter to make sure there is plenty of liquid. You can add a can of chicken broth or water if necessary to make sure you have lots of gravy once the dumplings are cooked.


Slow Cooker Chicken Stew and Dumplings

Pat Lockhart is the author and publisher of the website: a comprehensive cookbook resource. It includes a cookbook directory, information about how to create your own cookbook , a weekly featured recipe, and articles and reviews. Currently, we are collecting recipes for an exciting project: The Valley Cookbook which will feature healthy recipes from food produced locally in the Okanagan region of BC, Canada. We welcome submissions to this and other cookbooks. Visit our website at: []

4 High Protein Meal Ideas

Protein meals don't mean just all meat! Many vegetables are very high in protein. You will get carbohydrates in the veggies, too, but unrefined carbs are good for you.

That is a great source of energy. The carbs to avoid are refined starches and sugars.

\"diet Meal\"

A nice protein-based meal will include some meat, fish or poultry. It will also have beans and their kin; black-eyed peas and chickpeas (garbanzo beans).

Also included will be some good green vegetables, greens and a nice banana split for dessert (ha ha, I lied about the dessert).

Here is a nice breakfast menu:

  • Sirloin Steak, 4 ounces, grilled (medium rare on mine).
  • Eggs, 2 poached.
  • Sprouted grain bread toast with natural peanut butter spread.
  • Fresh fruit compote (no refined sugar).
  • A high-protein-powder shake with raw milk and a little locally produced honey.

Lots of protein and "good" carbohydrates. Probably less calories than a Big Mac and a lot better for you. A great start for the day.

How about this for a lunch menu:

  • Grilled Tuna Steak, 4 ounces.
  • Broccoli, steamed
  • Cheese Sauce (for the broccoli)
  • Green salad with Tomatoes
  • High-protein-powder shake with raw milk and a little honey.

How about this for dinner:

  • Chili con Carne; Leanground beef (90%), Red Kidney Beans, Tomatoes, Cumin,Chili Powder, Salt and Pepper, Chopped jalapenos, Water
  • Coleslaw (with sour cream, not mayonnaise and a few raisins)
  • High-protein-powder shake with raw milk and a little honey.
  • Dessert - a bowl of fresh fruit.

These are just samples of how you can prepare a high-protein meal. Here's another:

  • Grilled Tuna Steak - 4 ounces
  • Steamed Broccoli - 1/2 cup Steamed Carrots - 1/2 cup
  • Garden Salad - Oil and vinegar dressing
  • High Protein shake - protein powder with raw milk and a little honey

There are many delicious high protein meals you can prepare, or order from the menu in your favorite restaurant.

As more and more people have become healthy eating conscious, restaurants have been offering a broader selection of healthy foods.

And Mothers, I know that macaroni and cheese is easy to fix and your kids seem to love it, but do you know what you are doing to their bodies?

How about choosing some healthy bread instead of non- nutritious, unhealthy, tasteless white bread? Try some sprouted grain breads, they are moderately healthy and nutritious.

Here are some other healthy choices for your protein-rich menus:

  • Salmon - either fresh or canned. Try making salmon cakes with some chopped onion, a (very) few bread crumbs and an egg. Bake these and serve with a sour cream and dill sauce.
  • Tuna - canned made into a tuna-and-egg salad with chopped onion, chopped celery, a touch of sweet pickle relish and sour cream.
  • Chicken - skinless breasts or thighs, saute in olive oil with onions and garlic. Brown on both sides then top with crushed tomatoes, oregano and basil, cover and cook for 45 minutes. Add a 1/2 cup of red wine for added flavor.
  • Turkey Breast - Lightly season and roast in oven or on grill with indirect heat.
  • Cajun Ten Bean Soup - Use prepackaged dried beans and boil them in water with chopped onion and garlic. Add cut up chicken; at the start of cooking if raw or near the end if cooked.
  • Eggs - prepare an omelet or frittata with onions, mushrooms and a little cheese. Be sure to whip in a lot of air for a fluffy omelet.

It's not hard to come up with delicious, nutritious, protein dominated meals. Combine a high-protein main dish with healthy sides like fresh vegetables, a garden salad and a protein shake.

4 High Protein Meal Ideas

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10 Foods That Keep You Full, Satisfied, and Help You Lose Weight Fast

It's not hard to lose weight fast. Eating towards weight loss has become a common practice and there is really no need to cut down on your food intake. It's what you eat that's most important. There are foods that you can eat that will make you feel both full and satisfied simultaneously. If you feel full, then you won't eat as much. I'm going to share with you 10 foods that will help you lose weight fast by making you feel full and satisfied.

10 Fats Loss Foods:

\"diet Meal\"

1. Garlic - useful in many ways, high in vitamin B6
2. Asparagus - a non-starchy vegetable
3. Cabbage - great to use in a soup as a filler
4. Kale - high in calcium and it's easy to grow
5. Green beans - another non-starchy vegetable that keeps you full
6. Bell peppers - they're both sweet tasting and non-starchy
7. Summer squash (like zucchini) - easy to cook, taste great and give you that full feeling
8. Whole grain breads - rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants, protein, dietary minerals and vitamins
9. Chicken - high in protein, fairly lean meat
10. Salmon - high in protein, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D

This is a basic list of foods that will help you on your way to lose weight.

Shift Your Calories Around for Even Faster Weight Loss

A calorie shifting diet is also a great way to lose weight fast because it combines various great tasting foods to help you speed up your metabolism, and you can eat an unlimited portion every meal. Calorie shifting essentially manipulates your body's metabolism into burning fat all the time by fluctuating the amount of calories that you intake every meal every day. You are also required to eat at least 4 meals a day and drink 6-8 glasses of water to increase your metabolism even further. Weight loss is permanent and won't be regained which is a problem with some diets that only help you lose water weight.

10 Foods That Keep You Full, Satisfied, and Help You Lose Weight Fast

Discover how people are losing an average of 9 pounds of fat in 11 days without counting calories, carbs or fat! It's so simple and foolproof that ANYONE can do it without harmful drugs, boring workouts or starvation...But only by using a technique called - Calorie Shifting.

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Diabetes Diet, What Are The 10 Best Fruits And Vegetables For Diabetic Patients

This is the question my diabetic patients always ask. Hopefully this article will enhance your knowledge about diet for a diabetic patient.



If you are a diabetic patient try to avoid following list of foods.

1-Sugar, artificial sweeteners and honey. However you may take sweetener like stevia. It is difficult to omit sugar from your diet at-once, I will recommend you to decrease sugar in your diet gradually.

2-You should stop taking sweets and chocolates. If you are in a party and want to take chocolate, then preferably try to take Continental dark chocolate with at-least 70% or more cocoa solids, and try to avoid chocolates where sugar is the first named ingredient

3-Try to avoid foods containing ingredients end in (ol) or (ose) as these are mainly different forms of carbohydrates like fructose, glucose, dextrose.

4-Avoid grains like cakes, biscuits, pies, tarts, breakfast cereals, wheat, rye, barley, corn, rice, bread, pasta, pastry,

5-Avoid vegetables which contain larger amount of starch and carbohydrates like potatoes,carrots, peas, beans, parsnips, beet.

6-Also avoid fruits like watermelon, mangoes, banana, Chikoos(Pakistani), jackfruit, grapes, Strawberry, Sugarcane.

7-You may take milk but in small quantity. Avoid fat yogurts and cheese. Also be careful not to drink too much coffee or tea and add only as much sugar as in needed for taste.

8-Avoid commercially packaged foods like TV dinners, "lean" or "light" in particular, and snack foods, fast foods.

9-Avoid fresh fruit juices as these are highly concentrated carbohydrates. If you like fruit juices you may dilute one part of juice with 3 or 4 parts of water.

10-Always avoid saturated fats like fatty meat, full fat dairy products, butter, lard. Try to prefer unsaturated fats like olive oil, corn oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, soy oil. Avoid cottage cheese as it has a high carbohydrate content and very little fat

You must be thinking that I have mentioned here all the stuff, and nothing is left to eat, these are foods you can eat:

1-You may take fruits like apple, Grapefruit, Lime, Peaches. You must divide your fruit and vegetable diet in five portions through all the day, by Spreading the fruit you eat through the day helps to avoid a sudden rise in blood sugar levels.

2-You must take high fibre diet. Fibrous diet is Cereals, Fruits, Nuts, Pulses, Seeds, Vegetables. Fibrous diet not only lowers your glucose level but also decreases blood cholesterol.

3-Always try to take whole grain rather than processed food and take things like whole-wheat spaghetti and brown rather than white rice(Indian Pakistani). Pakistani and Indian people do like white rice very much, but if you are diabetic, please avoid these.

4-You may take meat of lamb, beef once or twice a week. Organ meats can also be taken like liver kidneys and heart to meat your vitamin needs.

5-Try to take white meat like poultry chicken fish meat duck etc.

6-You may take Fish and seafood of all types. It is recommended to boil, steam, bake or grill fish rather than frying it.

7-Always prefer non-fatty dairy products such as "skimmed milk", non-fat cheese and yogurt.

8-You may take eggs as well but try to take whitish part not the yellow one as it may increase your cholesterol level.

9-All cheeses can be taken except cottage cheese.

10-You may take all vegetables, onion and garlic are known for decreasing blood glucose level.

Generally Type 2 diabetic patients need 1500-1800 calorie diet per day to promote weight loss, however calories requirement may vary depending upon patients age, sex, activity level and body weight. 50% of total daily required calories should come from carbohydrates.One gram of carbohydrate is about 4 calories. A diabetic patient on a 1600 calorie diet should get 50% of these calories from carbohydrate. In other words it will be equal to 800 Calories from Carbohydrates, it means you have to take 200gms of carbohydrates everyday.It is better that you buy food tables with calories measurements to know more about your daily required food.

Diabetes Diet, What Are The 10 Best Fruits And Vegetables For Diabetic Patients

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What Not to Eat on a Diet - Foods to Avoid on a Diet For Losing Weight Smoothly

What not to eat on a diet? If you are on a diet, you should be careful in choosing your foods correctly. We usually get confused while deciding our list of options and we end up consuming some wrong food. The whole process of diet may take a wrong turn if we don't avoid them. Avoidance of some harmful foods is as important as consuming the right kind of food. A proper diet helps your body to shed those extra calories from your body and gives you a slimmer appearance.

Foods To Avoid On A Diet For Losing Weight Smoothly

\"diet Foods\"

Red Meat: Never ever try to binge on red meat. They are full of fats and may unthinkably increase the mass of your body. If you're thinking what not to eat on a diet then you should completely avoid their intake.

Soft Drinks: You should not consume soft drinks while on a diet. They contain excess sugar and may raise the sugar glucose level of your body. They not only increase your weight but also make your body prone to disease like diabetes. You can easily replace them with water. Drinking water is much more beneficial for your body because it cleans up your digestive tract and stimulates more digestion in your body.It plays a vital role in losing weight smoothly

Junk Food: If you are big lover of burgers and French fries then you should forget them for a while as these are what not to eat on a diet. You should completely cut them out from your diet in order to lose weight smoothly. You can eat home cooked meals that are more balanced and proper for losing weight.

Oily foods: Avoid deeply fried food inside oil that is what not to eat on a diet. Instead you can indulge more on boiled foods.

What Not to Eat on a Diet - Foods to Avoid on a Diet For Losing Weight Smoothly

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Ways To Keep Fit

With the high fat content and all the unhealthy ingredients in the American diet, it's important to take steps to ensure that you can keep in shape. In this article, we'll discuss some basic steps that you can take in your life to help you to stay fit.

- Watch what you eat. Fatty meats such as beef, pork, and ham should be consumed in small portions if at all, and you should opt for low-fat dairy products to keep your fat consumption to a minimum.

\"diet Foods\"

- Get an exercise buddy! We're much more likely to stick to an exercise schedule if we have a partner spurring us on, causing us to not want to disappoint our partner for a workout session. Simply having someone to work out with can increase the efficiency of your workout program quickly and efficiently.

- Record your results when working out. For example, if you do push-ups, record how many pushups you can do on a day-to-day basis. When you see that the number that you can do is increasing, you'll be spurred on to continue making progress. Also, by monitoring your progress, you can see when you hit a roadblock in your routine more easily, allowing you a better chance of finding the problem that is occurring.

- Eat fruits and vegetables as often as you can. Fruits and vegetables contain numerous nutrients that are necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. Vitamins and minerals are prevalent in most every fruit and vegetable that you can eat. The National Cancer Institute recommends at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, but more can be even more beneficial to your health.

- Get outside! The sunlight provides Vitamin D which is important for the proper mineralization of bones. Also, those who spend time outside often experience less depression and more energy, giving you ample opportunity to increase your workout.

- If you're taking some time out watching TV, you can get a great workout while you watch! When the show that you are watching hits a commercial break, take the opportunity to do a set or two of sit-ups or pushups to help keep in shape. Doing some workout activity every commercial break can make you fit in no time!

These are just some basic tips when it comes to maintaining a proper level of fitness of the body. The proper method of staying in shape includes a combination of proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices.

Ways To Keep Fit

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Tips on How To Gain Weight Quickly

Tips on how to gain weight quickly are priceless to skinny people who struggle to put on some extra pounds. The world we live in is a contradictory one. There are folks who put on weight rather effortlessly and yearn to lose their weight and fats through unhealthy diets. Yet on the other end of the spectrum, thin people find it tremendously challenging to gain that extra few pounds to enhance their physical appearance and regain some masculine appeal in the case of men. Skinny ladies also dream of fitting nicely into beautiful clothes that look so fabulous on those svelte and voluptuous models. But do not envy those who put on weight too easily, especially those through unhealthy diets. It is better to understand the fundamentals behind healthy weight gain. This is where you can learn more on how to gain weight quickly and healthily.

Before we tackle the issue of how to gain weight quickly, let us look at the reasons why scrawny and thin people fail in gaining weight successfully no matter how hard they try. Survey statistics discovered the following as the top reasons why they are not putting on weight:

\"diet Foods\"

1. Poor Diet

Skinny people are not eating right and enough. By that, it means that they are not eating foods that would help them to gain weight. Protein is critical in adding extra weight but many folks do not get enough protein intake. This is where things go awry. So how can they expect to gain weight quickly or for that matter, any significant weight improvement at all? It is important to load more on protein, and less on simple carbs. Read on for specific weight-gain diet foods.

2. Proper Work-out

Eating is not sufficient. We all need to engage in some kinds of physical activities to convert our food intake to healthy mass. This conversion can take place only with proper exercises. People who truly understand how to gain weight quickly do so in a healthy manner with proportionate muscle mass gain.

3. Poor Motivation

Weight gaining or slimming works in a similar manner. Medical practitioners have come to understand that the motivation behind the individual wanting to gain weight is vital to his/her success. Our generation is often called the "instant noodles" generation where everyone desires instant results. Weight gaining is not an overnight mission, but a long-term goal. Failing to understand this is a sure ingredient for weight gain failure.

Once we are able to acknowledge and work around the common grounds for failure, we are well on our way to successful quick weight gain. Are you ready for some easy-to-follow tips on how to gain weight quickly?

1. Weight Gain Diet Foods 101

I mentioned earlier that eating the right foods and eating enough of them is the key to weight gain. Foods such as fast food, chocolates and other junk food like chips won't do you any good. Any weight gain from such foods would do your health more harm than good.

Cultivate a habit of eating more than your daily energy and calorie needs. First, find out what is your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which equates your daily calorie need/count to maintain your weight at its current level. Next, start planning your weekly dietary plans to increase your weekly intake by 3500 calories to achieve a weight gain of 1-2 pounds within a week. This translates to an additional 500 calories in your daily calorie intake.

Eat more protein-based food stuff such as beef and chicken. Drink more milk for it is a rich source of protein. Balance your meals with vegetables and nuts as well. Eat 5 or 6 small meals rather than 3 big meals to balance the calorie intake.

2. Weight Gain and Muscle Mass Building Routine

You need to tone up the extra weight you are adding to your bodies so that you don't end up obese. Depending on your preference for physical activities, the 2 kinds of activities recommended here would be useful in complementing with your weight gain diet.

Engage in moderate activities such as brisk walking, jogging or playing a sport for at least 30 minutes for 3-4 times per week. Try to inject some fun into your physical activity so that you would feel encouraged and motivated to cultivate this as a habit and eventually as part of your lifestyle.

Work out in the gym on some resistance training for at least 3 times per week. But before you do so, speak to a qualified physical training instructor who can advise on what exercise routine is suitable for you. If not, go to the library to read up on what are the work-out routines that are ideal for a person of your build and weight.

Knowing these simple tips on how to gain weight quickly should give you better knowledge than most people in the basic building blocks of gaining weight healthily. For more details about the ideal natural weight gain diet foods and more tips on how to gain weight and muscle mass simultaneously, visit my blog for further reading.

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Tips on How To Gain Weight Quickly

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Who is Dr Oz?

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon. Born on June 11, 1960 in Cleveland Ohio to Turkish parents, Dr Oz is also a bestselling author and highly acclaimed health expert.


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Dr Oz studied in Harvard University before obtaining a joint MD and MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton Business School. Through his life as a student, he earned various awards and positions, including the Captain's Athletic Award and being class president in Harvard and also in medical school.

Professional Career

Dr Oz currently holds several positions in the medical industry, as well as membership in all major professional societies of heart surgeons.

- He is the vice chairman and also a professor at Columbia University.

- He is also the director of the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

- He is also the founder and chairman of the non-profit organization HealthCorps. It sends college graduates to high schools to mentor high school students about health, fitness and nutrition.

- Dr Oz is also the director of Siga Technologies, a biotechnology firm that aims to find ways to treat infectious diseases such as small pox and Dengue fever. Its major program is called ST-246, an oral therapeutic agent against orthopox viruses, such as smallpox.

- Dr Oz is also a member of OneVoice Movement's Trustees Advisory Council. OneVoice is a non-profit organization which aims to equip and empower Palestinians and Israelis to be more proactive in conflict resolution in their countries.


Dr Oz already has a total of 400 combined publications, which includes medical books, chapters and magazine columns in Reader's Digest and Esquire. The following are his bestselling and major publications in the past years.

- You: The Owner's Manual: An Insider's Guide to the Body That Will Make You Healthier and Younger, released in May 2005 and co-authored with Dr. Michael Roizen
- You: The Smart Patient: An Insider's Handbook for Getting the Best Treatment, released in 2006, co-authored with Dr. Michael Roizen
- You: On a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management, also released in 2006 and co-authored with Dr. Michael Roizen
- Healing from the Heart: A Leading Surgeon Combines Eastern and Western Traditions to create the Medicine of the Future, released in 1999 and co authored with Ron Arias and Dean Ornish


Dr Oz serves as the health expert in the Oprah Winfrey show. Aside from this and other appearances in various television shows in the US, Dr Oz has also lent his expertise through the radio. He has a regular show broadcasted over XM Satellite Radio: Oprah and Friends that airs everyday. He is also set to launch his own daily television show this 2009 which will be produced by Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures.

He also has several award-winning shows in Discovery Health, namely "Second Opinion with Dr Oz", "Life Line", "Daily Rounds", "The Truth about Food", "Live Transplant", "National Body Challenge" and "You: On a Diet". He also has one show in Comedy Central named "The Colbert Report." Lastly, Dr Oz is on "AccentHealth", a magazine program designed to be viewed in doctors' offices. He also appeared in The Charlie Rose Show and was also the medical director in the Denzel Washington film John Q.

Honors and Awards

Dr Oz has garnered various recognitions in the medical field as well as in the media, with his significant contributions to the industries. Among his awards and honors are the following:

- He was elected as the Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum.
- He was also granted the American Association for Thoracic Surgery Gross Research Scholarship.
- He was given an honorary doctorate by Istanbul University.
- Dr Oz was also voted as "The Best and Brightest" by Esquire magazine.
- He is one of the "Doctors of the Year" in Hippocrates magazine.
- He was also hailed as one of the "Healers of the Millennium" in Healthy Living.
- He is also considered by Castle Connolly Guide as one of the best physicians in the United States.
- 02138 Magazine has also recognized Dr Oz as one of "The Harvard 100 Most Influential Alumni".

Personal Life

Dr Oz is currently residing in Cliffside Park, New Jersey with his wife Lisa and their four children Daphne, Arabella, Zoe and Oliver.

Who is Dr Oz?

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The Dukan Diet For Vegetarians - Is a Meat Free Low Carb Diet Possible?

The Dukan diet is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet in four phases. The first phase of the Dukan diet, the attack phase, consists of protein only. Nuts and beans, typical sources of protein for vegetarians, are not allowed on the Dukan diet. How then can a vegetarian create a diet menu consisting solely of protein only meals?

A pescetarian, commonly understood as a vegetarian who eats fish, will not have too much trouble meeting the demands of the Dukan diet. They can find enough protein in fish and shellfish. Meals made out of various fillets of fish, smoked salmon, mussels, prawn, crab meat, etc. will provide a plentiful supply of protein and variety. Many fish eating vegetarians (pescetarians) also eat animal products such as eggs and dairy. Smoked salmon and cottage cheese, a meal enjoyed by many meat eaters too, makes a perfect and delicious meal suitable for any phase of the Dukan diet.


However, there are vegetarians (perhaps the majority) that do not permit themselves fish. Vegetarians, after all, do not eat animal flesh and fish are animals! Is is possible for these people to follow the diet as well as their consciences?

Tofu, familiar to most vegetarians, is permitted on the diet. Dr. Dukan, whose book is not aimed at vegetarians, includes tofu in his list of permitted foods. Perhaps, through this diet, many meat eaters who previously saw no reason to add tofu to their diet will consider this food, popular worldwide, as a novel addition to their menus.

Textured vegetable protein (TVP) is not mentioned in the book however, it is a high protein food with some but low carbohydrate. Quorn, a mycoprotein, like TVP is not mentioned in the book. However it is also a high protein food that is low in carbohydrate. This vegetarian food is now available in many different forms and varieties. Some have higher carbohydrate contents than others, so vegetarians will need to shop carefully.

Skimmed milk, low fat cottage cheese, fromage frais, and quark are all mentioned and permitted on the diet. Unlike vegans, vegetarians allow themselves these products as well as eggs (also permitted on the diet). These foods can be used liberally although with some restriction on egg yolks and milk.

The challenge for the vegetarian who wishes to follow the Dukan diet will be to put together a viable meat free menu. While it may not be possible to reduce carbohydrate to the, minimal, levels advised by Dr. Dukan, it should be possible to get close to that ideal.

The Dukan Diet For Vegetarians - Is a Meat Free Low Carb Diet Possible?

Start the change now. You can follow my progess on the Dukan diet from day one of the attack phase until the end. I have included all my recipes and menu ideas as well as top tips in getting the most out of your Dukan diet experience. If you're ready to lose weight fast without hunger click Dukan diet to begin your journey.

Two Healthy Breakfasts With Quinoa

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It is our first jolt of nourishment that will power us throughout the first hours of our days.

Whether your morning is filled with office meetings, heavy construction work or daily house work, what you first eat when you first wake up will help you with your duties.

\"healthy Recipes\"

A problem with breakfasts that are high in sugar and other non-nutritious ingredients is the energy crash and hunger you feel within a few hours of eating breakfast. This effect can be a detriment to your job or morning plans.

Making new breakfast meals with healthy ingredients are a fun and interesting way to not only fuel your body for the day ahead but also learn about new flavors, tastes and foods.

Quinoa: The Healthiest Grain

Quinoa (pronounced Keen-Wa) is a grain that is native of South America and was a staple of the diet of the Inca's. It is considered the most nutritious of all the grains because it is high in fiber, contains all eight of the essential amino acids and is a great source of iron.

Quinoa cooks just like any other rice; just put it in a pot with water and boil. Once it is cooked, you can keep a healthy portion in your refrigerator for future breakfasts.

Its nutty flavor makes it a perfect choice for cereal and a simple breakfast by mixing it up with some crushed almonds, fruit such as a banana or some blueberries and a small bit of 100% natural maple syrup.

Egg Breakfast with Quinoa

Because of its nutritious properties, look and texture, quinoa is the perfect substitute for rice (even brown rice) and pasta.

You might be curious why the preceding statement is in an article about breakfast. After all, how many rice dishes do you eat for breakfast?

If you have ever visited Honolulu, Hawai'i, you might have been exposed to a popular breakfast that includes white rice, sausage and eggs. While this dish is both filling and delicious, it is far from nutritious.

However, you can make a healthy version with a couple changes and substituting quinoa in for the rice.


  • ¼ cup of cooked quinoa
  • 2 large eggs
  • Chicken Sausage (optional - Alfresco Country Style Chicken Sausage with a Hint of Sage and Thyme)
  • Cook the quinoa by the direction on the package
  • Cook one sausage link in a skillet and chop into fine pieces resembling ground beef
  • In a skillet prepare 2 large eggs the way you like them

Two Healthy Breakfasts With Quinoa

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Benefits of the Soya Bean

Soya is one of the oldest and most nutritious foods in the world. In the 11th century BC it was primarily consumed in Northern China, spreading to the west and the U.S.A. in the middle of the 18th century and only more recently to Europe. Soya is mainly used in industry and for animal feed despite the fact that it is the third most important crop world-wide today and less than 3% is consumed by humans.

Soya has many nutritional advantages as it contains protein, fibre and isoflavones which have positive effects on cholesterol, bone density, menstrual and menopausal symptoms as well as preventing certain cancers. It is thought to be a wonder food by the Chinese who believe it can cure kidney disease, water retention, common colds, anaemia and leg ulcers.

\"diet Meal\"

Research studies by Professor Anderson in 1995 resulted in healthy heart claims as Soya was found to reduce blood cholesterol levels in many of his studies. Soya isoflavones combined with soya protein enhance blood cholesterol reductions as well as having a positive effect on menopausal women by reducing the risk of hot flushes. Improved vascular function, reduction of blood pressure, antioxidant protection of LDL cholesterol and inhibition of platelet activation are other known cardiovascular effects of Soya and its constituent isoflavones.

The recommended daily amount of soya protein by the UK Joint Health Claims Initiative in 2002 is 25g as part of a low-fat diet to help reduce cholesterol level. In orser to achieve this RDA of Soya to promote a healthy heart and reduce cholesterol it is necessary to consume three portions of a Soya based food each day. This can be easily achieved by using Soya milk on cereal each morning, adding soya milk to tea and coffee and choosing a dessert made from soya milk eg. custard or fruit smoothies yoghurt etc.,

There are many Soya cookery books available as well as the many recipes containing soya beans and tofu which already exist in Chinese cooking books. If more people included Soya into their daily diet the risk of developing Heart disease would be reduced which would have a significant impact on the incidence of mortality caused by Coronory Heart Disease today.

Benefits of the Soya Bean

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Avoid These 7 Foods to Control Blood Glucose Levels

If you are a diabetic or pre diabetic, you can choose a balanced lifestyle to control blood glucose levels following warning signs of diabetes. Changed lifestyle means you are offering to avoid certain bad diabetic foods as much as you can because these foods can topple your blood sugar levels. As such you should basically accept life style changes. The main theme of this article is to furnish a brief description of foods to control blood glucose levels.

As some foods can bear a massive impact on blood glucose levels you need to know precisely what foods to avoid in Toto. Here are some diet foods to exclude in your diet meal plan.

\"diet Meal\"

Artificial sweeteners: It is pretty difficult to avoid sugar in your diet to zero level. Still, it is advisable to avoid sweeteners like refined sugar as much as you can to increase control of blood glucose in the blood stream.

Sweet Chocolates: You should avoid chewing candy chocolates as they contain high sugar mix. Consuming these can increase sugar levels in your body.

High carb grains: Grains high in carbohydrate should be kept off. The foods rich in carbohydrates can increase the glucose levels in the blood. In this list, you have the white bread, refined rice, pasta, and pastry as bad diabetic foods to avoid.

Vegetables high in starch: Usually all vegetables are good for health. However, there are some vegetables high in starch component which should be cut off from eating. In this regard, you may avoid consuming much of sweet beets, carrots, potatoes, peas, and butter beans.

Fruits rich in sweet: As fruits contain minerals and vitamins they are highly recommended for diabetics to control blood glucose levels. Usually fruits are good fiber sources. However, fruits like mango, banana, jackfruit, strawberry, pineapple are not good for controlling blood glucose.

Fatty dietary foods: Milk is a healthier food but skimmed milk is good for reducing fat intake in the blood. Cheese and yogurt containing whole fat should be avoided. Butter cakes are very bad food for diabetics.

Processed foods: Though processed diet foods are added with preservatives they have very poor fiber content needed for diabetics to reduce blood sugar in the blood stream. So, any food packed in solid form or in liquid form should be totally avoided.

Be sure, if you can avoid these foods you can keep the blood glucose levels under control and no medicine is needed.

Avoid These 7 Foods to Control Blood Glucose Levels

Controlling blood sugar is really an art. If you want to be safe you should know the description of diabetes foods to eat AND diabetes foods to avoid to lower blood sugar levels.

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