Weight Loss Meal Plan - A Healthy Diet For Weight Loss

A healthy balanced diet is very important to every individual, and it involves the six important classes of food which are protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals, and water. A weight loss meal plan must comprise of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it must not be toyed with.

We will explain the importance of these kinds of foods as we proceed, and they are as follows;

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Proteins: This is the most important part of an eating plan. As adults, you are expected to consume about 70 grams daily because when calculated, a gram is equal to each pound of fat in the body. They aid in the growth and the development of the bones and worn-out tissues in the body. If a child is suffering from protein deficiency, he or she is vulnerable and open to all forms of diseases and infections. That is why it is very much advisable to eat plenty of protein for a healthy life. There are different sources of protein and they are milk, eggs, cheese, grains, butter, animal products, etc. Also, note that fish are very good sources of protein.

Carbohydrates: These are also important for the production of energy, and they are in two forms; which are simple and complex. The complex carbs are very important, because they do not produce excess fat to the body. Examples of such are whole wheat, beans, brown sugar, brown rice, and brown bread; while the simple ones are white rice, white sugar, flour, and white bread. A small amount of carb can keep you energized for a whole day, isn't that great?

Fats: This form of food falls into two groups and they are the healthy and unhealthy fats. The healthy fats are gotten from sea foods, nuts, dried fruits, raisins, and apricots for the fulfillment of their purpose in the body.

Fibers: These also come in two forms, which are soluble and insoluble fibers. The healthy source of fibers is gotten from roughages like oranges, pineapples, pears, cabbages, and other citrus fruits and vegetables. Drinking their juices are also very important and rich for the body.

Vitamins and minerals: These are very important and they can also be found in dairy products and fresh fruits and vegetables. They help in the strengthening of the bones and the enriching of the body with the essential nutrients. There are different forms of vitamins, and they are A, C, B complex, D and E.

They help in the limitation of sodium consumption and also in the enriching of the body with the required biotins and other unmentioned vitamins. They can be gotten from different fruits and vegetables.

The most important factor for weight loss meal plan is water which aids in the digestion and in the removal of waste products from the body.

To wrap it up, this weight loss meal plan is very important, and when you practice it, you will yield better results.

Weight Loss Meal Plan - A Healthy Diet For Weight Loss

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An Honest Review of Herbal Magic Diet Plan

Herbal Magic is a Canada based weight loss centre specialized in weight management and herbal supplements. According to Herbal Magic, their clients lost in average 2 to 7 pounds a week. Their program is also said to be able to improve various health issues, including stress, cold flu, arthritis, and digestion. If you are interested in Herbal Magic, you may arrange free and private consultation with the company to determine the appropriate program and herbal supplements based on your health profile.

The Herbal magic diet meal consists of the following: 2 proteins, 2 starches, 2 fruits, 2 fats, 1 dairy and 3 vegetables. Beside, you have to take their herbal supplements 30 to 60 minutes before each meal. According to Herbal Magic official website, there's no set cost for their weight loss program. You will find out the cost after the consultation. According to reliable source, the joining fee is 00. After that, you pay approximately 0 every month for the herbal supplements and 1 to 1 consultation. In fact, depending on your health profile, you may need to buy more herbal supplements which cost far more than 0.

\"diet Meal\"

If you are interested in Herbal Magic, my recommendation is save your money. The reason is rather simple: it is too expensive! The price is simply outrageous. If you want to follow the plan religiously for a period of time, the cost can add up pretty quickly. You should spend the money to get advice from your family doctor instead of the consultants from Herbal Magic. In fact, we are not even sure if these consultants have the proper qualification! Even if they do, you have to be careful as they may earn commission from products that you purchase via them. At such, they may not have your best interest in mind.

Sure many people swear that Herbal Magic helped them to lose weight, but I suspect that it is direct results of low calories intake. In addition, if you examine the meal plan, you will notice that it lacks flexibility. It's not feasible in the long run. What's worse, if you stop the plan, you may stop losing weight or gain back the weight. Besides, I would also like to question the long term safety, potency, side effects and effectiveness of herbal supplements from Herbal Magic. I really wonder: why are their herbal products more expensive than market price?

Sorry to disappoint you, but there's simply no "magic" when come to weight loss. However, don't be discouraged, there are good plans out there to help you shed away the fat.

An Honest Review of Herbal Magic Diet Plan

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How To Lose Weight Off Your Hips - 4 Exercises On How To Lose Weight Off Your Hips!

There are so many people that want to know "how to lose weight off your hips". Its one of the
most common questions asked when it comes to weight loss. Its also one of the most common
areas of the human body where weight is actually gained! So how does one loose weight off
their hips? One proven way is to do sit ups and simultaneously eat a healthy food diet also!
You can try some of the below exercises to help you improve weight loss around the hips area.
You will need a stability ball in order to carry out these exercises!

Exercises -

\"lose Weight\"

Leg Press -

What you need to do is to lay down on the floor. Position the ball at your ankles and lift if
off the floor. Keep your lower back pressed to the floor. Always may sure it remains this
position throughout the exercise. Then, you need to extend your legs up and outwards and try
to hold it while keeping your lower back pressed to the floor. You will feel a tightening
within your stomach. This is good thing! The lower you try to hold the stability ball off the
floor, the more difficult it will be.

Side bends -

With this exercise you may have guest that you need to lay on your side. Place the ball
between your knees and ankles. Then try to pull your hips towards your chest.

Trunk curl -

With this exercise you need to place the stability ball against your lower back. Then slowly
curl your trunk by bringing your chest towards your hips. Your shoulders and upper back
should be moving away from the ball. Your lower back should be supporting your body. Then
move back to your starting position slowly. Make sure that your lower back has maintained
contact with the ball at all times. When performing this exercise, make sure to do it slowly
to avoid injury!

Anchor reverse trunk curl -

Finally our last exercise is the anchor reverse trunk curl. For this particular exercise you
need to be lying flat on your back on the floor. Your arms should be over your head whilst
holding on to a stable object. This object could be something like a door frame, or a heavy
piece of furniture that wont move. Then to position the ball you need to place it between
your knees and ankles. You see the idea is to lift the ball up but using only your hips and
your bum to leave the surface of the floor. Then lower slowly your hips and bum to the floor.

Performing these exercises should help you to lose weight around the hip area. So the next
time you hear the common question of How to lose weight off your hips, you can advise these
exercises to help someone with this issue.

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How To Lose Weight Off Your Hips - 4 Exercises On How To Lose Weight Off Your Hips!

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Acai Berry Weight Loss - Do Acai Berries Help You Lose Weight?

I'm sure you've heard about this amazing fruit called the Acai Berry with "mystical" weight loss qualities that help you lose weight fast, the natural way. This article will look closely look into it's weight loss qualities.

The Acai berry is really a small, roundish berry that looks like a grape. The fruit is made up of a pulp like substance with a seed in the middle. It is also said to be one of the healthiest fruits that provide natural energy to the human body.

\"lose Weight\"

The main claim made by those who consume these berries is natural weight loss. This is accomplish this feat unlike other products and supplements that boast natural appetite suppressant qualities. Instead, the Acai berry boosts your bodies consumption of calories so that you end up burning more calories during normal physical activities. The end result is natural weight loss. All you have to do is follow a sensible diet and exercise plan and eating this fruit or supplements of it will kick in and burn those calories faster than you would otherwise be able to do.

An added benefit of the berry is the fact that it's effectives does not decrease even when preserved. So even berry preservatives will continue to be high in antioxidants that give your body a huge boost to lose weight. The antioxidant benefits of the Acai berry rivals another berry that you know well - the blueberry. Acai has all the right vitamin and mineral properties to have a positive effect on your health and overall well-being in general.

Here's a list of how Acai Berry can help your body.

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Helps fight off cancer and arthritis
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body
  • Improves digestive function
  • Minimizes inflammation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Has high levels of fiber
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes healthier and younger-looking skin
  • Enhances visual acuity
  • ...and much much more

Acai berries have some very valuable weight loss and general wellness qualities that are quite remarkable indeed. But in order to get the full benefits of the berries or any Acai berry supplements, you must know how to mix it with your regular diet and excessive routine. Consuming Acai alone will not help that much and a proven system plus knowledge to help you manage your weight loss is crucial.

Acai Berry Weight Loss - Do Acai Berries Help You Lose Weight?

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Top 3 Tips For Successfully Losing Weight

I lost 45 lbs in six months, and I've kept it off. In doing so, I've picked up a lot of great tips from others that I applied to myself and found beneficial. Here are the top 3.

1. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle. Don't think of your weight loss efforts as "dieting," think of it as changing your lifestyle to be more healthy. If you're "dieting", then when you stop "dieting" you'll gain the weight back. But if you make a lifestyle change, you'll keep it off.

\"lose Weight\"

2. Associate with other people who are losing weight. I can't emphasize this enough. You will have a much harder time going it alone than if you have a supportive group. This is why people who go to the meetings for Weight Watchers lose three times as much weight as those who just follow the program on their own. You need to build yourself up with positive association.

3. Get on the scale once a week, but not more. You need to track your progress, otherwise it's easy to lose your motivation. When you see that you've lost a pound or two this week, it really makes you feel good and motivates you to keep at it. On the other hand, your body has natural weight fluctuations, so you don't want to get on the scale too often -- it might appear that you gained a pound today from yesterday when it's really just a natural fluctuation. Also, always weigh yourself at the same time of day on the same day of the week. You'll get more consistent results that way.

Top 3 Tips For Successfully Losing Weight

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Four Mind Tricks to Help Stick to a Diet

As with anything, portion control and diet are mostly a matter of self-control. This means convincing your mind that instead of multiple servings at dinner or lunch, you need just a single serving and a modest one at that. However, there are some physical tricks you can use in order to be a lot more convincing to yourself. The following four tips are tricks you can play on your mind in order to exert better self control when it comes to your diet.

1. Eat throughout the day. Rather than load up on food at breakfast, lunch and dinner, spread your feasts throughout the day. You will find that this will allow you t reduce your total food intake by at least 65% when you eat more regularly throughout the day. Ideally, five to six meals, or "snacks" as they will become known, will be enough to keep you energized and to give your mind the feeling of being full.

\"meal Diet\"

2. Reduce portion sizes. Although eating throughout the day sounds like a great idea, you will not be able to eat your regular portion sizes. As stated above, you can reduce your food intake by 65% by eating throughout the day, but this also means making sure that your serving sizes are modest enough. You can do this by ensuring each carb portion is no larger than your fist; the same holds for your protein size.

3. Incorporate both carbs and proteins in each of your six meals. Reducing portion size and eating more frequently throughout the day means you will have to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck. Incorporating both a carb and a protein in your meals means you will get both of what you need, not just one food type. For the purposes of this approach, consider fruits as carbs. So, a serving of low-fat cottage cheese (a protein) might go well with a grapefruit. A serving of lean-ground beef meatballs (protein) might go well with whole wheat pasta (pasta).

4. Make sure that at least 2 of your meals include a serving of vegetables. Although many people who need to lose weight do not enjoy eating vegetables, at least two servings each and every day will turbo-charge your weight loss efforts. Make sure you incorporate vegetables in at least two of your meals. This is not only beneficial for the fiber content, but so that you can achieve that feeling of being "full," especially after lighter meals. And instead of reaching for junk food between your meals, reach for vegetables. They not only fill you up quickly, but that feeling of being full lasts a lot longer.

The four tips are great tricks for convincing yourself that you do not need to eat larger meals, particularly at dinner time. By eating multiple, well-balanced meals throughout the day and incorporating vegetables at least twice (ideally with the larger meals like lunch and dinner), you will not only find yourself becoming more and more convinced that you are full, but you will not be as heavy a eater as you normally are. The diet mind game will work this time.

Four Mind Tricks to Help Stick to a Diet

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