Healthy Heart Diet Plan

Healthy heart diet plan assumes significance from the fact that a healthy heart is the most fundamental requirement for healthy living. Though health covers a vast area, health of the heart is of paramount importance because the functioning of the heart is central to our living. In today's world, heart problems are very common. There are also a variety of problems affecting the heart. Though considerable medical advances have been made in treating heart ailments, having a healthy heart diet plan is not only the simplest and the most effective way to take care of the heart but also a fundamental requirement.

We will discuss some of the diets that are good for the heart and some that are not good. As a way of drinking to your health, I will start with the red wine! Red wine is rated high as an antioxidant. It helps in reducing what is known as bad cholesterol, while boosting good cholesterol. Red wine also improves digestion which again is good for the heart's functioning.


Another good item is fatty fish. Experts in heart health recommend eating fatty fish at least twice a week. There are two types of fats, omega-3 fatty acids and saturated fats. Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficent fats in that they lower triglyceride levels, decrease blood pressure, and retard the growth of plaque in the arteries. Fatty fish are rich in omega -3 fats and low in saturated fats. Some other fish varieties like herring, mackerel, and sardines also have high omega-3 content.

The third type of diet is nuts. The good news is that all nuts are good for the heart. Almonds are particularly rated high by nutrition experts. Nuts also have omega-3 fatty acids and many other valuable nutrients which strengthen the lining of arteries and lower LDL cholesterol.

Beans, cantaloupe, oranges, whole grains, broccoli, garlic, and avocado are also good for a healthy heart.

Many people consume some of the above items of food but unfortunately, most of the people do not have regular food habits. A conscious attempt should be made to include some of these items in your food on a regular basis. It is also necessary to give up certain items of food which have high levels of saturated fats. While you may not be able to totally eliminate items like oil, ghee, milk products etc, you can definitely restrict their consumption.

Including some fruit in your meal, making a habit to consume some quantity of nuts as an after the food dessert etc. will have a positive effect in developing a healthy heart. Take healthy balanced food intake of at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and avoid saturated fats.

Healthy Heart Diet Plan

A healthy heart diet is a simple and effective way to keep your heart healthy.

Dukan Diet Meal Ideas

You can successfully complete The Dukan Diet if you enjoy protein foods, and don't have any major dietary restrictions.

Dukan Diet Phases

\"diet Meal\"

The first phase of the diet, is called the Attack phase. During this phase, you can eat nothing but protein for a few days. Meat proteins are acceptable proteins, and so is tofu. But most vegetable sources of protein are not acceptable during this diet phase.

The second phase is called the Cruise phase. When you're in this phase, you are allowed to have veggies every other day.

Phase 3 is the Consolidation phase. During this phase, you can enjoy starches like breads, fruits and pastas. You can have also two free meals for each week. During these "free meals," you can have any food that you like, but you shouldn't go crazy, and eat excessively. Just have normally sized meals, that are something that you truly enjoy.

The final stage is called the Stabilization phase. This phase will last throughout your entire life. During Stabilization you should eat moderately -- minding the Dukan Diet principles you have learned, and maintaining at least one all protein day each week.

Keep in mind that during your initial phases, you can't use any fancy sauces with your proteins that contain sugars and vegetables and naturally occurring starches. You have to essentially eat protein seasoned with salt and pepper alone -- cooked in just a small bit of oil, drink water, and eat 1 tablespoon of oat bran. During the Cruise phase, you can have up to 3 tablespoons of oat bran.

Menu Ideas

As you can see, if you enjoy eating proteins, you will find that this diet will work out well for you, and finding meal ideas will also be quite simple for you. When you prepare meats for this diet, there is no need to add excess oils and sugars during your preparation. Roasted chicken is ideal, as well as roasted or pan fried steak, eggs, pork chops, lean beef, veal, ostrich, fish and seafood (without breading).

If you are truly one of those people that has to have carbs, then you will not enjoy this diet very much; but honestly, you will find that it really is not that hard to go several days without carbs. Proteins are really quite satisfying, and you can have a little oat bran during your initial phase as well. You can actually have oat bran during all phases of the diet; but during the Attack phase, you can only have 1 tablespoon; and during the Cruise phases, you can only have 3 tablespoons or less. During the Consolidation phase and beyond, you can have oat bran when you like.

Vegetarian Considerations and Menu Ideas

As a vegetarian, you can eat tofu steaks, and any other form of soy protein. You can also eat lentils and eggs. When it comes to eggs, you should favor whites over yolks whenever possible.

As a vegetarian or vegan, you might be getting protein from sources that include kale, and many different types of beans. Though these sources of protein are generally recognized as healthy, they are not ideal for The Dukan Diet. The Dukan Diet only recommends that vegetarians eat eggs (favoring whites, with one yolk per meal), lentils and tofu during the first 3 phases of the diet.

As a vegan, your first diet days can be quite rough, so you should prepare yourself for handling such limited menu options. Because of these limits, many vegans feel that The Dukan Diet is not suitable for them. A vegan cannot eat eggs or egg products. But if you pan fry the tofu in a little bit of oil with salt and pepper, it might really not be so bad, since you only have to do it for just a few days -- and then later for one day a week during your stabilization period.

Dukan Diet Meal Ideas

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Six Tips to Become a Perfect Bodybuilder

If you are among those who like to see bodybuilding as a sport and not just an everyday task that you cannot avoid, we give you a few tips on how to become a perfect bodybuilder. Being a perfect bodybuilder doesn't necessarily mean to have a massive, muscular and defined body. That will be your ultimate goal, but it is the whole attitude that you must have towards bodybuilding that will eventually lead you to success.

Bodybuilding is not just a sport and with certainty it is not just what you see on magazine covers or in professional contests. Bodybuilding is a way of living and it is being proven that beyond the physical benefits it also offers mental balance. So, these are some things to do in order to integrate bodybuilding in your daily life the proper way:

\"diet Meal\"

1) Setting Long-Term Goals
Make sure that you set long-term goals. You cannot expect to see results if you give up in a month or two, or if you stop and start all the time. Bodybuilding is not a sport that will give you a decent body only for the summer. It must be a whole year activity so that your body gains a muscle-building rhythm.

2) Resting and Recovering
Since knowing that muscle development and regeneration occurs during sleeping hours and in general during resting hours you can understand how important it is to sleep and rest enough. Furthermore, make sure that you leave a resting period of at least two days between each body part workout.

3) Keep it Short and Intense
You can socialize in the gym after you are through with your workout. Warm up, hit the weights and don't rest longer than 40 seconds between the Individual sets. That way, you ensure that the trained muscle is being pumped and led to exhaustion.

4) Importance of Nutrition and Supplementation
Always keep in mind that bodybuilding is a lot more than spending time in the gym lifting weights. It is actually a triangle that consists of training nutrition and resting. Each one of them is of equal importance. Neglecting one of them will lead to poor results. Supposedly, you are already working on a training program you should also make sure that you adopt a bodybuilding meal plan and get a quality protein shake.

5) Researching and Learning
Bodybuilding is actually more than a sport. It is an evolving science. Read quality magazines, search in the internet for quality articles and guidelines, ask more experienced bodybuilders and above all experiment with different exercises and techniques to see what works best for you. I must admit that after 19 years in bodybuilding, I am still discovering new stuff and I am still correcting mistakes.

6) Love what you are doing
This rule is maybe the most important one. Like everything else in life, you must love it in order to do it right. If for any reason you think that being a bodybuilder just isn't your thing, then you should consider trying something else. If on the other hand, you have this feeling of sweet exhaustion every time you exit the gym and you are happy about the changes you witness on your body, then stick with it and enjoy every moment.

Keep those muscles pumping!

Six Tips to Become a Perfect Bodybuilder

Chris G Pap
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Blueberry Breakfast Fruit Salad Recipe

This is a simple healthy and fast breakfast or dessert idea. A fresh fruit salad is the ideal choice. This simple fruit salad is easy to prepare and very delicious. This recipe can be modified depending on the ingredients available. This can be one of the most versatile recipes around. A nutritious salad is by far the best breakfast you can have. The beauty of the breakfast salad is that most of the dish can be prepared one day ahead, refrigerated, and pulled out in the morning.

Yield; 4 to 6 servings

\"diet Meal\"


  • 3 cups shredded lettuce (cut up very fine)
  • 1-cup granola with raisins
  • 1 to 2 bananas, sliced
  • 1-cup blueberries
  • 1-cup strawberries, sliced
  • 1 cup toasted sliced almonds
  • 1-cup mandarin orange slices
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Dressing :

  • 1-cup honey
  • 3/4 cup orange juice


In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients. This salad can be prepared the night before, so it is ready to be served in the morning. It's a healthy and quick breakfast any time.

  • Gently toss lettuce with fruits and nuts .
  • Stir honey and orange juice together until well mixed. .
  • Drizzle on salad and serve. .
  • Enjoy this delicious salad! .

Blueberry Breakfast Fruit Salad Recipe

Purchase your pesticide free blueberries from (Blueberry Croft Farm and Nursery). The farm is a reputable source for quality blueberry plants. Go to _ to purchase your blueberry plants. Get free S/H on orders of +. © 2011 by Harold Stewart May be reproduced in entirety with live link.

The Lettuce Diet

Not many know how beneficial lettuce can be to your weight loss plan. If you are planning to lose weight incorporating generous amounts of lettuce in your diet will help you achieve your goal faster. A lettuce diet is simple and effective and can actually make you break a weight loss plateau.

Incorporate lettuce in your diet


1. Lettuce is very high in fibers.

Fibers keep your stomach feeling full for a longer period of time. Have a giant sized lettuce salad before you begin your meals. This will fill your stomach and you will not feel like eating that high calorie dessert or fattening carbohydrates towards the end of the meal. And since lettuce is exceptionally low in calories, a lettuce diet will inevitably make you lose weight.

2. Mix up your lettuce salad with other green leafy vegetables.

You can add tomatoes and cucumbers also. These will not only add variety to your lettuce diet and pamper your taste buds but also make the diet more effective since tomato and cucumber like lettuce are good diuretics. Diuretics eliminate fluids and fatty acids that deposits itself on our body cells thus making you lose weight.

3. But dress your salad carefully.

Do not add fancy dressings to your salads since they do nothing but add excess calories to your food. They will most certainly ensure that your lettuce diet does not work.

Lettuce is very high in fiber content and contains about 90% water. The vegetable is also extremely low in calories. A lettuce diet provides you with fiber that keeps your stomach full making you eat less and also gives you a natural diuretic that flushes out excess fluids and fats. Both of these help you lose weight and stay slim. Lettuce also stocks you up on essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring that you do not suffer from nutrient deficiency while on diet. You stay in shape and remain healthy at the same time.

The Lettuce Diet

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1000 Calorie Diet Menu and Meal Plan

One good way to reduce weight is to lose calories. This is done by taking in fewer calories than what we usually consume. This will eventually lead to weight loss. But we should also make sure that we are giving our body the right amount of calories, else the body metabolism will sputter and may lead to unforeseen complications.

There are a lot of diet plans that offer you reduced amount of calorie intake. A 1000 calorie diet plan is one such very low calorie diet plan.Be cautioned that 1000 calories a day will be suitable for people who exercise minimally and this diet plan is only for a short time frame. This diet plan should not be continued for more than three days in a row. This is a very low level of calories diet plan so always consult your doctor before embarking on a 1000 calorie diet plan. This diet plan provides us with so few calories that it might be impossible to meet the nutritional demands of the body with this plan. This plan is generally recommended by doctors when obesity has become a threat to life itself or as a preparation for a surgery. Therefore only after you doctor approves of your plan you should follow this diet. Also make sure that you drink lots of water when following this diet plan and keep your body well-hydrated.


USDA Recommendations:

The USDA recommends the following proportions for a 1000 calorie diet so that it allows proper nutrition while also contributing to weight loss. One cup of fruits and vegetables, 3 ounces of grains, 2 ounces of meat and beans, 2 cups of milk, 3 teaspoons of oil and 165 discretionary calories of your choice as the ideal diet plan. Also drink as much water and zero calories beverages as you like to make sure that your body gets the necessary fluids.

Sample Diet Plan:

Sample 1:


The breakfast should primarily consist of cereal and bananas. Typically you can have a cup of cereal, a cup of skimmed milk and a small size banana.

Morning Snack:

The morning snack can contain one cup of skimmed milk blended with quarter of a cup of frozen strawberries.


Typically the lunch is composed of sandwich and fresh fruit. 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 3 ounces of lean meat, 1 plum, lettuce, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. You can also have chopped onions, mushrooms, olives and sprouts.

Afternoon snack:

You can enjoy any food you like but it should amount to 50 calories. Typically cottage cheese worth 50 calories can be consumed as an afternoon snack.


Dinner should consist of one cup of shredded lettuce, half a cup of your favorite beans, one flour tortilla shell, rice worth 75 calories and one slice of low fat mozzarella cheese.

You can have a cup of strawberries as a bedtime snack.

Herbal teas and water and zero calorie beverages should be consumed all through the day.

Sample 2:


Apple oatmeal is the best nutritious and low calories breakfast that you can think of. This will also provide you with the energy that you require for the whole day. Apple oatmeal is prepared using half a cup of water, three quarters a cup of skimmed milk, 1/3 cup of oatmeal, half an apple and quarter a teaspoon of cinnamon.


You can have a handful of the nuts of your choice but make sure that they are not salted. Typical nuts that you can consume include almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts etc..


A scrambled egg toast made from a large egg, a slice of whole wheat bread, one table spoon of skimmed milk and half a oz of low fat shredded cheese.


Dinner should consists of 2 cups of shredded lettuce, 6 cherry tomatoes, half avocado, half a cup of sliced red pepper, one thinly slice onion, one table spoon of low fat dressing and 2 oz chopped chicken.

Having said all that, 1000 calories is a very low calorie intake and should be used only as a starter for weight loss or as a cleansing diet. This diet is also recommended when you need to rebalance your digestive system after a bout of unhealthy eating. But always get the doctor or a professional health expert's approval before starting with this diet plan. As this diet is so calorie deficit, special attention should be placed on the nutritional value of the ingredients of your diet plan to make sure that you get the proper nutrition content during the days your dieting with this diet plan.

An unhealthy body will lead to a number of complications and will not lose weight effectively. So be sure that you are consuming enough nutrients to maintain your healthy body.

1000 Calorie Diet Menu and Meal Plan

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American Style Lasagna Recipe

Italian food is famous worldwide thanks to it's hearty and spicy seasoning. To think in pasta, lasagna or other great Italian meal evokes images of family, tradition and flavor. Perhaps lasagna is one of the most popular Italian dishes and this homemade American Style lasagna recipe adds up to the tradition thanks to it's ingredients and polished process. It might take a little while to cook it, but it's totally worth it.


\"diet Meal\"

3/4 Lbs. of lean ground beef

1/2 Cup of onion, minced

1 Lb. of sweet Italian sausage

2 Crushed garlic cloves

1 Can of crushed tomatoes, 28 oz

2 Cans of tomato paste, 6 oz each

2 Cans of canned tomato sauce, 6.5 oz each

1/2 Cup of water

1 1/2 Tsp. dried basil leaves

2 Tsp. of white sugar

1 Tbsp. of salt

4 Tbsp. of chopped fresh parsley

12 lasagna noodles

1/4 Tsp. of ground black pepper

3/4 Lbs. of sliced mozzarella cheese

16 Ounces of ricotta cheese

1/2 Tsp. of fennel seeds

1 egg

1 Tsp. of Italian seasoning

1/2 Tsp. of salt

3/4 Cup of grated Parmesan cheese


Using a Dutch oven, brown well, over medium heat the sausage, onion, garlic and ground beef. Stir in tomato paste, water, crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce. Season it all with Italian seasoning, basil, sugar,, fennel seeds, 2 tablespoons parsley, 1 tablespoon salt and pepper. Let it simmer covered for 1 and a half hours. Stir occasionally.

In a large pot, boil salted water. Cook lasagna noodles in boiling water for 8 to 10 minutes and drain. Rinse with cold water.Ć¢EUR¨

Using a bowl, mix egg, ricotta cheese, remaining parsley, and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Preheat oven to 375° F.

Assemble lasagna by spreading 1 1/2 cups of sauce into the bottom of a 9×13 inch baking dish. Lay 6 noodles lengthwise over meat. On top of it, spread half of the cheese mixture. Top with mozzarella cheese.

Spoon 1 and a half cups of meat sauce over mozzarella. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Repeat layers and top with mozzarella and Parmesan. Cover the lasagna with foil.

Bake in oven for 25 minutes. Remove foil, and bake an additional 25 minutes. Let it cool down for at least 10 minutes before serving.

American Style Lasagna Recipe

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Smoothie Recipes For Detox and Protein Diet Plans

If you hate counting calories or Weight Watcher points to keep your weight under control, or if you are counting away so you can loose a few pounds, Stop. That is right, just stop. Every article you ever read talks about the importance of eating 3-5 small meals everyday as the key to keeping your weight under control. But finding healthy meals that are satisfying and different every day can be a challenge.

But you can win the battle of the weight with the help of a wide-variety of smoothie meals which offer vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants that are both flavorful and satisfying. But every day, more and more health-conscious people are adding smoothies to their daily diets. Smoothies can be used any time of the day; breakfast, lunch, mid-meal snacks, or dinner.


Smoothies will help you combine fruits and vegetables in a wide variety of tasty and flavorful combinations while also fulfilling many of the vitamins and nutrients you need for a meal plan that works best for you.

Regardless of your diet; be it a detox diet plan, protein diet plan, high, or low carb diet plan, smoothies can be seamlessly included in your diet. Simply mix the ingredients needed o help you manage your diet and keep your weight under control. You will find smoothies will give you the basis of a diet you can stick to because they are both delicious and filling. And you can try a new smoothie every day.

Don't worry if you can't imagine what to use, or where to start. Go to Best Fruit Smoothies to find a wide variety of smoothie recipes. The site posts a new smoothie recipe every weekday!

For those of you counting calories, try one, or both of these tomorrow: one for breakfast and one for a great afternoon snack

Apple Strawberry-Kiwi Smoothie

Combine in your blender
1 banana cut in chunks.
1 kiwi peeled and cut in 4 sections
1 cup of strawberries (if fresh about 4-6) You can also use frozen
1 cup of cold apple juice
1 Tbsp honey

Blend the ingredients until smooth. If you use fresh strawberries over frozen you might need to add little more apple juice to reach the consistency you like best. Everyone in your family will love it. You can add a tsp of the chia seed Mila too, which will give you even more added vitamins and minerals. Please visit Mila Healthy Living for more information about Mila.

Apple Carrot Smoothie

Perfect for lunch or as an afternoon snack, this recipe is also a low calorie smoothie, perfect to keep your weight under control.

Before you can make this smoothie, take a bag of carrots cut the tops and scrub the skin. You do not have to peel the carrots. Boil about 1-2 cups of water, depending on the number of carrots being used and gently cook until the carrots are tender. Put the cooked carrots in the refrigerator to chill.

When it is time for lunch, in your blender mix

2 cooked carrots (chilled)
1 cup of cold apple juice
1 tsp of Mila (www.milahealthyliving) Added to give you a boost of healthy Omega 3s

Smoothie Recipes For Detox and Protein Diet Plans

Please visit Best Fruit Smoothies for a new free smoothie recipe every weekday. More and more people are realizing that smoothies can be successfully added to almost any diet plan. Regardless if it is a detox diet plan, a protein diet plan, or a low carb diet plan, smoothies can be made with ingredients that support your goals

Nutrition - My Surprising New Discovery With Whole Pizza

When it was my cousin's 6th birthday, we held his party at "Chuck E Cheese" Pizza Place. It's food, games and entertainment type of place for kids.

It was mainly family there and one of my other cousin, who's 15 years old, completely devoured his own, well, pizza - not a few slices but a whole 18" pizza!

\"diet Meal\"

Is that smart or insane?

Well, the good news is, Kevin, my "smartly insane" cousin is very active with sports.

He runs, plays basketball, skateboards and not to mention it, he's in his teen years.

What's amazing is, he eats big at every meal. He eats consistently about 5 solid meals a day.

During his feast, he asked me "How long will it take for this pizza to turn into fat?"

First, I couldn't believe his appetite.

This whole pizza I know is over 3500 calories and a pound of fat is approximately 3500 calories so he's looking to "process" a pound of fat and in one sitting. Now that's a dense amount of calories per slice. Can you imagine if you large pizza every week and the weight you'll add within a year?

I said, you will likely take this food and goes through your stomach and then hang out there for 3 to 4 hours as it's broken down.

Then another 3 hours in your bowels and eventfully gets processed in your liver and eventually turns into fat (and the rest excreted outside the body)

In short, it takes a couple of days.

For your pizza and meat lovers, I just thought I'd share this digestion tidbit.

Alleluia for his high metabolism too!

Nutrition - My Surprising New Discovery With Whole Pizza

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Diet Meals

Here are some good diet meals you can use to help speed up your weight loss. If you don't know already, diet is the FASTEST way to lose weight. Way faster than exercising. These meals are tasty and will fill you up. Take the next 2 minutes to see what this article can do for your weight loss.

Diet Meals

\"diet Meal\"

1. 3 scrambled eggs with chopped onions and 1/2 can of black beans

This is the perfect breakfast as far as I'm concerned. In fact, I eat it almost everyday. So I actually do what I recommend. Why is this meal so great? It's high in protein and fiber. You need this because it'll keep you full longer than breakfasts that have a ton of carbs in them. One thing before I go to the next one, be sure to cook the black beans for about 5 meals. Don't eat them right out of the can.

2. 4 ounces chicken breast with 1/2 can of black beans on a bed of lettuce

Again, this is a high protein dish. I call it a "protein salad". Fills you up. Oh, another thing I left out about protein. It does 2 important things that are powerful for weight loss. It suppresses your appetite while speeding up your metabolism. THAT'S BIG! Remember it even if you don't use these meals.

3. Lean beef with broccoli

This makes for a good dinner. Broccoli is most definitely a SUPERFOOD. I know a lot of people have a hard time eating broccoli by itself. If you're 1 of them, I recommend either drizzling a little BBQ sauce on it or some sour cream.

Want to lose weight? Well then, try eating these 3 diet meals.

Diet Meals

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What is the HGC Diet and is the HGC Diet Safe?

HGC Diet: Amazingly Fast Weight Loss

The headlines " Lose 1 to 2 lbs. a Day" caught my eye! I began reading about a diet plan that I had never heard of before, well, I had heard about it just a few minutes ago when my Wife asked me if I'd like to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, that's why I was researching the hGC diet. It's kind of funny, because all the articles I was reading seemed to point out the dangers of the hGC diet with authors lamenting the woes of extreme low calorie dieting but the comments below articles all seemed positive, most of the commentators were extolling the virtues of this diet and how they had finally lost weight after years of trying and lost it amazingly fast.


HGC Diet: Really It's hCG

Actually it is the hCG diet and not the hGC diet. hCG stands for Human Chronic Gonadotropin which is a hormone that is made by the cells in the placenta. During a woman's pregnancy this hormone helps in the development of the placenta and in the development of gonads in the growing fetus. It is present in both men and women but during pregnancy, the levels in women skyrocket. The hCG hormone also causes the hypothalamus to mobilize the fat cells, in other words open them for business. This helps supply nutrition to the growing baby from the mother's fat cells. This is where the idea of using this hormone for dieting came from. Besides its natural occurrence in the body and its use in weight loss the hCG hormone is also used in treating infertility in both men and women.

HGC Diet: Is the HGC Diet Really OK To Try?

If a person could consume enough hCG to cause of their fat cells to "open for business" and they could combine that with a low-calorie diet, voila, dramatic weight loss would occur. The theory was that the body would turn to the open fat cells for fuel when it was denied calories from the regular diet.

The question still remains is the diet safe? Many so-called experts out there decry this diet as dangerous and unsafe. They point to several reasons including the fact that the FDA has not approved this hormone for a weight-loss. (Although it is approved for infertility treatments and pregnancy related issues.) They also point out that 500 calories a day does not supply sufficient energy to even run your brain let alone your whole body. They claim this could cause severe organ damage, and that such a low calorie diet will cause your body to cannibalize its muscle tissues for energy. To add a final nail to the coffin, these experts claim that you'll eventually become so hungry you'll give in and go on an eating binge. The fact is, most of these authors do not know what they're talking about. They are basing their a knee-jerk reactions on the separate factors of this diet rather than understanding the diet as a whole.

HGC Diet: 500 Calorie-A-Day Diets Are Dangerous

A 500 calorie-a-day diet by itself would be dangerous and certainly would do damage to your body organs and lean muscle tissues. But what they failed to take into account is the action the hCG hormone takes on the hypothalamus which then in turn activates the fat cells to accept or release fat. Since the body is only receiving 500 calories of food fuel a day it turns to the fat stored in it cells. Since the hypothalamus has made this fat readily available, the body makes up the calorie deficit by consuming its own fat, up to 2000 to 2,500 calories of fat a day.

HCG Diet: Bad Experiences?

People who have a bad experience usually have not followed strictly the instructions that come with the diet. The hCG diet is quite unforgiving and demands that you follow the instructions to the letter! Since you're fat cells are open for business you can not cheat. Any cheating will lead to immediate weight gain. This is both a curse and a blessing. The blessing comes from the fact that you don't cheat so the fat melts off your body. Because of the action of the hormone you are rewarded every morning when you step on the scales. I have been on this diet twice and both times had great success. I lost 60 lbs. in as many days.

Having said all of this, I will readily admit that this diet is not for everyone and I could not possibly know how each individual will react to the hormone and to the hGC diet itself but if you use common sense and stop dieting if you feel weak, dizzy, or have any other negative side effects you should be OK. Millions of pregnant women around the world have significantly higher levels of this hormone coursing through their veins than you will ever have during the duration of this diet. But if you are looking for rapid, safe weight-loss perhaps you should consider trying this method.

What is the HGC Diet and is the HGC Diet Safe?

Would you like to know what my experience has been with the hGC diet? Read about it here.

Paul Tooley lives in Maryland with his wife two dogs, and two cats. The children have all flown the coup, but the grand babies are over quite a bit.

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