Nutrition - My Surprising New Discovery With Whole Pizza

When it was my cousin's 6th birthday, we held his party at "Chuck E Cheese" Pizza Place. It's food, games and entertainment type of place for kids.

It was mainly family there and one of my other cousin, who's 15 years old, completely devoured his own, well, pizza - not a few slices but a whole 18" pizza!

\"diet Meal\"

Is that smart or insane?

Well, the good news is, Kevin, my "smartly insane" cousin is very active with sports.

He runs, plays basketball, skateboards and not to mention it, he's in his teen years.

What's amazing is, he eats big at every meal. He eats consistently about 5 solid meals a day.

During his feast, he asked me "How long will it take for this pizza to turn into fat?"

First, I couldn't believe his appetite.

This whole pizza I know is over 3500 calories and a pound of fat is approximately 3500 calories so he's looking to "process" a pound of fat and in one sitting. Now that's a dense amount of calories per slice. Can you imagine if you large pizza every week and the weight you'll add within a year?

I said, you will likely take this food and goes through your stomach and then hang out there for 3 to 4 hours as it's broken down.

Then another 3 hours in your bowels and eventfully gets processed in your liver and eventually turns into fat (and the rest excreted outside the body)

In short, it takes a couple of days.

For your pizza and meat lovers, I just thought I'd share this digestion tidbit.

Alleluia for his high metabolism too!

Nutrition - My Surprising New Discovery With Whole Pizza

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