Lose Weight Quick Tip

The key to losing weight quick is following a great eating program. Most people overlook this aspect of weight loss even though they have been told how important it is. People figure if they exercise and work out hard enough, the weight will fall off no matter what they are eating. In reality, your diet is 4 times as important as exercising.

A great eating program is one that is catered to your individual likes and dislikes. This will make the weight loss process a fun one as you will still be eating the foods you do like and avoiding the ones you dislike. Most popular diets make people eat food they don't like and completely remove their favorite food from their diets. This is the reason they cheat the diet or end up quitting it entirely. If the diet includes your favorite foods, you have no incentive to stop dieting.

\"diet Foods\"

Just because it is considered a diet that doesn't mean you will be eating less food. In most cases, a great diet will allow you to eat more food than you were previously. The major change with a great eating program will be altering the frequency in which you eat and the quantity you eat in a particular sitting.

The key is spacing your meals out during the day and eating less in each sitting. Eating the big 3 meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner actually slow down the body's metabolism and make it difficult for the body to break down and digest the food. This doesn't allow you to burn the most calories possible.

Eating 5 smaller meals during the day will allow the body to function at its optimal level all day long. You will burn calories every second of the day, even when you are sleeping.

Lose Weight Quick Tip

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