Are There Bad Fruits For Diabetics to Avoid?

It is well known that diabetes is a dreadful disease which is caused due to the excess sugar deposited in the blood. Usually, blood glucose levels depend on the volume and nature of the foods taken. There are some diet foods including fruits which increase the blood sugar levels. The fruits identified as bad fruits for diabetics should be totally avoided. Diabetes can deteriorate the patient's condition if the patient happens to consume foods that are not recommended by the dietician. There are some diet foods, in general, which are to be totally avoided. There are some other foods which can be eaten in small quantities just for taste. The third category of diet foods are those which should necessarily be consumed for controlling blood sugar.

By foods, one should not mistake rice or wheat or bread pieces alone. These foods are normally eaten by all people with vegetables as side dish. Many people do not eat fruits but they simply taste them. Eating is different from tasting. It is emphasized that the diabetics should EAT fruits also. It is not sufficient that they simply taste fruits. Some fruits should be eaten in one plateful as a regular meal. In similar sense, there are some other fruits which should be totally avoided when they are loaded with high sugar.

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In fruits also, there are some varieties rich in fiber content and others rich in fat content. Since the fiber content foods are good for diabetics, you can eat such fruits and avoid other fruits which contain high sugar. Good nutrition is the basic requirement to get rid of diabetes. Vitamins and minerals are also needed at balanced level. 

Bad fruits for diabetics:

There are some diabetes fruits to avoid since they are partially harmful for your health. Fruits like mango, banana, ripened papaya, pineapple and sweet grapes are not helping to beat diabetes. Since these fruits do not contain pectin needed for stimulating good digestion, they are not helping to clean your digestive track by removing the waste products. So, all such fruits are very bad for diabetics.

Synthetic juice in the name of fruit juice is highly harmful. The juice is highly sweetened with refined sugar. Fruit salads can be good but fruit drinks and sugar cane juice are not recommended for diabetics. There are lots of ready packed fruit drinks which are sold in the market. They contain synthetic sugar which can be extremely harmful for the diabetics. They should be completely avoided even though the label of the packed food may contain the words of promising that it is sugar free.

Are There Bad Fruits For Diabetics to Avoid?

Controlling blood sugar is really an art. If you want to be an expert and safe, you should know the description of foods to eat AND foods to avoid for diabetes.