How to Follow a Gout Diet - Foods to Eat to Stop the Pain of Gout

The pain of gout is difficult to describe. If you ask someone who has had this condition they'll tell you that it's a pain unlike any they've ever felt. Many women even claim that it's worse than childbirth pain. There's no arguing that gout is tremendously uncomfortable and once the attack strikes it may be hard to find relief. One way to remedy gout if you're prone to it is to try and avoid another flare up. You can do that in several ways and one way is through what you eat. When it comes to a gout diet, foods to eat are just as important as though you need to avoid.

You probably already know that drinking enough water is really important to good health, but it plays a part in controlling gout pain too. A full eight glasses of water each day is recommended. You can get that through drinking tea and coffee, or just by drinking sparkling or bottled water. Another good beverage choice for people with gout is carbonated juices. There are lots of these available to you and they're not only good for your gout but they taste good too.

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Certain fruits and vegetables are better than others if you've got gout. You want to eat cherries. They're proven to help with gout. If you can't find any fresh ones, try the canned or frozen types. Cherry juice is really good too. Bananas will be helpful for your gout pain too. It's good practice to eat a banana a day to help ward off the pain of gout.

One of the things you should be eating more is fish, particularly tuna and salmon. Most people are used to eating tuna or salad salmon sandwiches and those are a good choice. You can try fresh salmon or tuna too. Most grocery stores have a fresh fish counter now so you can choose a fillet and cook it up tonight. There are lots of recipes online for fish, but just be sure to choose one that is filled with healthy ingredients.

Chocolate is on the list of foods you should be eating if you have gout. Dark chocolate is the best choice. You can eat it right from the bar or mix it with low fat milk to make homemade hot cocoa. You want to be careful with how much chocolate you eat though. It does have sugar so it can really add to your daily calorie intake.

How to Follow a Gout Diet - Foods to Eat to Stop the Pain of Gout

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You can be pain free just by using a simple home remedy. Gout doesn't have to be a part of your life.