Is A Protein Diet Right for You?

The main complaint I hear from people as they come into my clinic is about hunger. They are cutting back their calories and eating better, but they feel hungry all the time. This especially becomes a problem as you factor in exercise routines. Recent studies have shown us solutions in a protein diet plan.

Why Am I Hungry?

\"lose Weight\"

These plans actually work on a very simple premise. When you diet, you are already adjusting your calorie intake and exercise routine, which can cause you to feel hunger. This feeling of hunger stems from the kind of foods you are eating, not necessarily how much. For instance, you could consume 2000 calories of cookies fairly easily and be hungry again in two hours.

This phenomenon happens because different kinds of foods are used up by your body at different speeds. Simple carbohydrates like sugar and bread are used almost immediately. Things like proteins however, are absorbed much slower by your body. By replacing key parts of you diet with foods that stay in your system longer, you can stave off hunger, even though you are actually eating less than you did before you diet began.

How Do I Fix It?

I usually recommend a 1500 calorie diet as the baseline for weight loss. When you couple this with an active exercise routine, weight loss is steady and doesn't interfere all that much with normal life. For most people, 500 less calories just means skipping the soda and second helpings.

In a normal 2000 calorie diet, 10% is protein, 40% is fats and 50% is carbohydrates. By cutting back to 15% fat and upping your protein to 35%, you can kick start your weight loss. Be aware though that some heart conditions and especially kidney problems aren't conducive to eating large amounts of red meat. Contact your doctor before you make this change if you have any pre-existing condition!

...But I'm Still Eating Less, Right?

With this new mix of how you eat, you should feel less hungry even though you are eating less food than normal. This will allow you to focus on other activities and forget that you are dieting. Once you find a diet plan that lets you forget that you are dieting and just live life, your success is all but certain.

The short of a protein diet is that it works very well if your body can handle it. You will have more energy, more focus, not feel hungry and lose more weight. If you are lifting weights and exercising, you will also see a noticeable gain in muscle definition as you lose weight.

Is A Protein Diet Right for You?

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