Top 15 Easy to Implement Nutrition Tips

Do you realize that eating foods that will help you feel and look better is just a matter of choice? Feeling more energetic or losing those extra pounds begins with what we choose to eat. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, or increase your energy or fitness, a healthier lifestyle begins with nutrition. The following are easy to follow tips to help you begin making the choices that will get you on the road to achieving the results you desire. For anyone looking to take it to the next level, online fitness and nutrition coaching is The Future of Fitness and I strongly recommend it for consideration.

  1.  Do not avoid or skip your meals. Instead go for five to six meals or snacks every three or four hours. Feeding your body throughout the day keeps your "furnace burning". 
  2. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.  Not only will it help flush toxins out of the body but having a full glass of water before a meal will help fill you up so you are less likely to over eat. 
  3.  Eat red, yellow, orange, and green vegetables. Vegetables are low in calories, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, and a great source of fiber.
  4. Include a variety of fruits in your diet. Not only will they help satisfy a sweet craving but they too are low in calories, high in water, a good source of fiber, and loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.
  5. Breakfast is a must! Your body needs fuel to start both your day, and your metabolism.
  6. Eat lean proteins with every meal. Choosing egg whites, white meat poultry, and fish more often than lean beef/pork will reduce the fat and calories you eat.  Eating lean protein is essential in building and keeping healthy muscles. It also takes longer ser to digest, therefore, keeping you fuller longer.
  7. Whole Grains are a store house of fuel and energy for the body. Whole wheat/grain breads, cereal, pasta, and brown rice are just a few delicious choices.
  8. Watch the FAT. Choose low fat or fat free whenever possible but remember consuming the "right" fat is essential in keeping your body healthy. 
  9. Limit Alcohol intake.  Not only can alcoholic beverages contain hundreds of calories, but it is a toxin that affects the tissues and organs in the body.
  10. Portion Control. How much you eat is as important as what you eat. 
  11. Choose freshly prepared meal over packaged. Though convenient, many can have high calories and low nutrition.
  12. Indulge yourself in a treat, but watch out for serving size and frequency of treats. Having too many treats will sabotage your efforts.
  13. Eliminate sodas. Cut down on your sugar intake in all other beverages like tea, coffee and milk. 
  14. Exercise daily to increase your rate of metabolism. Maintain a journal of your daily in take.
  15. Last but not least be practical, conscious and fine tune your diet to get the optimum nutrition. 
These simple tips will get you on your way to looking and feeling better! No fad diets necessary or wanted. Learn to live a healthier lifestyle forever!


Top 15 Easy to Implement Nutrition Tips

Jason J. Horsley is the CEO/Founder of eFitness for Life an online fitness and nutrition coaching solution that provides an affordable, convenient alternative to conventional, expensive dietitians and personal training. Through both eFitness for Life and Health and Wealth for Life, Jason is using his 15+ years in the fitness industry to help individuals across the globe not only look better, but feel better and live longer. The eFitness for Life team is made up of coaches/trainers around the US, working with clients throughout the world via the World Wide Web and the state-of-the-art eFitnessTracker software!

By Jason Horsley
CEO/Founder, eFitness for Life