Gout Recipes

A person's diet changes dramatically when he is diagnosed with gout. Red meat, organ meat, shellfish, beans, and legumes are not allowed. The use of salt and oil should be limited. Alcohol intake is discouraged. So what else is there to eat and drink, you may ask. The answer is a lot. It is all just a matter of preparing the food you are allowed to eat into a fantastic and filling meal. Let this article guide you to the food that you can eat and the delicious ways to prepare them.

Gout-friendly ingredients


There are still many foods that a person who has gout can enjoy. Fruits like watermelons, oranges, and grapefruit and foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates like brown rice and whole wheat bread should make up 40 percent of a gout sufferer's diet. Cherries in particular have been said to be very beneficial in lowering uric acid levels in the blood. Aside from red meat, fish, lean meat such as chicken breast, and soy products are also great sources of protein. Vegetable oil instead of animal fat should be used.

Since salt should be used sparingly, other food flavorings should be used. Replace salt with herbs and spices like basil, marjoram, and oregano. Use garlic in particular because it is also known to lower uric acid levels in the blood.

Food preparation

Instead of frying, bake or grill fish and lean meat. Marinate marlin or swordfish with crushed garlic, pepper, and other spices, and grill it over fire. Serve this with brown rice and grilled vegetables like zucchini, bell peppers, corn and squash on the side.

For drinks, water is best but it will not hurt to try something different once in a while. For a refreshing drink, make a smoothie out of bananas, apples, watermelon, and silken tofu. Silken tofu is a great additive to smoothies. To sweeten, add a little honey or maple syrup. These are invert sugars and not simple sugars so they are just fine.

Gout Recipes

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