A Medifast Diet Food List - Examples of What You'll Eat on This Diet

People often ask me if it's possible to see a list of foods that you eat while on the medifast diet. The list for the diet is extensive. There are over 70 food choices. And, the possibilities for the "lean and green meal" that you prepare for yourself each day are endless. Still, I can offer you a list of possibilities in the article below to give you some idea of the food choices that you have on this diet.

A List Of Possible Medifast Breakfast Foods: Every one is different of course. So, what I might eat for breakfast may not sound all that good to you. But, possible choices for me are the plan's latte, cappuccino, oatmeal, and eggs. There's also the shakes, bars, and brownies. And of course, within each category, there are different flavors. For example, if you are considering the oatmeal, you can chose between blueberry, peach, apple cinnamon, and maple/brown sugar.

\"Diet Meals\"

Medifast Snacks Food Choices: Now, you are supposed to eat five of the plan's meals each day in addition to the larger meal that you need to provide. (Everything but the "lean and green meal" is prepackaged and made already for you.) So, since you have to cover this five times, most people will eat breakfast, lunch, and three snacks. For me, I have one snack mid morning, one in the afternoon, and the last one a few hours after dinner. This is in addition to breakfast and lunch.

A Medifast Diet Food List - Examples of What You'll Eat on This Diet

For snacks, the choices are things like pretzels, cheese puffs, pudding, shakes, bars, juice drinks, and brownies. Again, there are several flavors within each food category. For example there are two kinds of bars (all with their own flavors) and several kinds of shakes from which to chose. In terms of shakes, most people will opt for the regular 55, at least at first. With bars, I usually stick with the crunch bars. You can have more than one of these per day. With the maintenance bars, they only want for you to have one per day.

Medifast Lunch Food List: This diet offers a lot of different soups, stews, and chilis in several different flavors. Examples are chicken and rice, chicken noodle, crab, vegetable beef, cream of broccoli, cream of tomato, and cream of chicken. There is also a pretty good chili. I eat these a lot, but sometimes, I will make an egg burrito or wrap using the diet eggs. Other times, I will take my lean and green option at lunch time and eat out (sensibly of course.) And, you are also free to chose any of the shakes and bars or any other item on the menu for lunch.

Medifast Dinner Foods: As I alluded to, most people chose to eat their own prepared meal at dinner. This allows them to sit down to a meal with their family. This is not a requirement though. You can have this meal anytime that you want. I know some folks that eat their larger meal at breakfast or lunch and then chose one of the smaller diet meals for dinner.

A Medifast Diet Food List - Examples of What You'll Eat on This Diet

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