The Abs Diet Recipes - Eat Your Way to Six Pack Abs Diet Recipe

Can you get six-pack abs from eating? Well if Men's Health USA Editor-in-Chief and creator of the Abs Diet and the Abs Diet recipes David Zinczenko is to be believed, then you certainly can. The Abs Diet is a diet plan that promises to be different from the other diet plans that are in existence. This is because, instead of telling people what not to eat, the Abs Diet prescribes foods that should be a regular part of your meals in order to achieve a fit and healthy body. The cornerstones of the Abs Diet are 12 so-called power foods that, when eaten in proper amounts, can help people lose weight or stay in shape. These 12 power foods are incorporated in every Abs Diet recipes.

Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows that most diet foods are just plain boring. The Abs Diet plan promises to change that through creative combinations of healthy, nutrient-rich foods. Some of the Abs Diet menus or recipes can be so interesting in fact that you probably wouldn't feel that you are dieting at all if you're eating it. And because it focuses on serving the right portions instead of depriving people of certain foods, Healthy abs diet meals will not leave you hungry or starving or craving for foods that you can't have. In fact, it promises to keep your taste buds happy while peeling away the fats from tour midsection.

\"Diet Meals\"

If you want a 6 pack abs from eating you should refer to the abs diet recipe below. The more of abs diet meals you consume, the more chances of you increasing muscle which contributes to getting a 6 pack. Here is what to eat to get six pack abs:

The Abs Diet Recipes - Eat Your Way to Six Pack Abs Diet Recipe

  • Almonds and nuts -like sunflower seeds, avocados and pumpkin seeds.Almonds are the best nuts for an abs diet recipe. Eat as much of them as up to even 2 ounces a day (2 Oz is approximately 24 almonds)
  • Whole grain Bread and cereals -Examples include brown rice and whole grain pastas,wheat,corn and oats. These foods contain belly bursting fibers. avoid white foods like white rice and corn meal because they are high in carbs.
  • Beans and Legumes -Examples include peas, bean dips and lentils. All beans are low in fat and are rich in fiber,proteins and iron that is helps in building muscle and losing weight.
  • Protein powder or whey powder. This ab power food may not be found in the regular food market but can be found at healthy food stores. Whey powder is a muscle building power food so if you need that 6 pack, you should put it into consideration.
  • Green vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, yellow peppers, green peppers and yellow beans. Vegetables in general are rich in fiber and they contain fewer calories, one of the reasons why dieters or people who want to lose weight and get a 6 pack love them.
  • Dairy Products that are fat free or have low fats like low-fat milk, fat free or low fat yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese with low fats too.
  • Olive oil -will help you burn fat and control your food cravings too.
  • Instant Oatmeal that is unsweetened or unflavored. Oatmeal is rich in soluble fiber which is good if you want to lose weight and get a 6 pack.
  • Peanut butter -that is natural and sugar free.
  • Eggs-Protein from eggs is very high and that is why eggs are recommended for people who want to build muscle. eating too many eggs is not good but remember that the protein found in eggs is more effective at building muscle than protein from other foods. Vitamin B12 found in eggs is necessary for breaking fat too.
  • Raspberries/Berries -examples includes fruits like apples,grapefruit and strawberries. Raspberries are rich in anti oxidants .
  • Lean Meats like turkey (the best lean meat), chicken and fish. This foods helps in building muscle and improving the body's immune system.

What to eat to get six pack abs foods are also called abs power foods. Another great thing about healthy Abs diet plans is that they are all easy-to-prepare. That means you can spend less time in food preparation and more time working out to get those six-pack abs faster. If you want to burn body fat while getting some abs, Make sure most of your meals contains that abs diet recipes I have talked about here. I always recommend working out to people who are interested getting in total shape and toning up to get some abs. For more resources and information on how to get a ripped 6 pack, Visit six pack abs []

The Abs Diet Recipes - Eat Your Way to Six Pack Abs Diet Recipe

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