Nutrisystem Or Medifast - Which Is Better?

With the recent attention that Tori Spelling, Kristi Swanson and Genie Francis have gotten from losing very noticeable amounts of weight on both Medifast and Nutrisystem, many people wonder which of the two plans is the better option. Although both plans have many similarities, they differ in a few key areas. Following is a comparison of both plans:

Nutrisystem In A Nutshell: Like Medifast, Nutrisystem offers prepackaged meals that you rely upon for most of the day. You are to eat a Nutrisystem meal for your breakfast, lunch, evening meal and for two daily snacks. Nutrisystem encourages you to supplement your lunch and dinner meals with your own fruits and vegetables. In essence, you are eating the diet meals five times per day and supplementing with your own healthy foods. Nutrisystem claims that if you follow the plan you will lose 1 to 3 pounds per week.

\"Diet Meals\"

Medifast In A Nutshell: Most people who participate in Medifast follow the 5 plus 1 plan. This means that you eat five small Medifast meals plus one "lean and green meal" which you make yourself. Like Nutrisystem, Medifast offers prepackaged foods. However, you will be eating six times per day as opposed to eating five times per day with Nutrisystem. You can have your "lean and green" meal at any time, but most people have it for their evening meal. Medifast claims that those who follow the 5 plus 1 program typically lose about 2 pounds per week.

Nutrisystem Or Medifast - Which Is Better?

Support Offered By Both Plans: Both Medifast And Nutrisystem offer a huge amount of support to their members. Neither require a monthly payment to use their websites, support communities, forums or recipe boards. These resources are quite helpful.

The Costs: The costs are pretty close, with Medifast being a bit cheaper. On average, Nutrisystem runs about per day whereas Medifast runs about per day. Both companies offer coupons and discounts to bring the costs down.

The Differences: The major differences are the frequency that you will eat, the amount of time you'll be eating the plan's prepackaged foods, and how often you will need to supplement with your own food.

You eat once more per day on Medifast (six times as opposed to five times on Nutrisystem). You supplement with your own foods more with Nutrisystem (with each lunch and dinner meal). However, you are responsible for your own main meal with Medifast (the "lean and green meal".) You will eat prepackaged foods at every meal with Nutrisystem. With Medifast, you do take a break from the prepackaged foods at your main meal.

In my opinion, Medifast offers more snack or dessert type options which make you feel as though you are cheating a bit or not on a diet.

So, Which Is Better? Whether Medifast or Nutrisystem is better for you depends on your own personality or preferences. Both systems do have proven success records. Many individuals have lost weight on both plans. Both are competively priced. It comes down to which of the food options you prefer. Do you wish to eat five or six meals? How often you want to supplement or prepare your own foods? These are individual decisions.

Personally, I have preferred Medifast. This preference is strictly because I like the taste of Medifast's shakes, bars, and lattes and I like that I only have to provide food for myself once per day.

I believe either plan can help you achieve your weight loss goals if you follow the plan as designed.

Nutrisystem Or Medifast - Which Is Better?

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