Prepackaged Diet Meals Review - A Look at the Medifast Diet

There's no question that prepackaged diets are incredibly popular today. Few of us actually have the time to research, shop for, prepare and package our low calorie or low carb foods. Sticking with diets are hard enough, so adding on the work of research and preparation, at least in my opinion, lessens the chance that you will actually stick with and have success on the diet. And, in today's economy, very often, you'll find that cost of these prepackaged diets are actually lower in cost than trying to buy a bunch of groceries and wasting the gas to gather them. In this article, I will review one of the more popular prepackaged diets and the one that I've had a great deal of success with -- Medifast.

How Medifast Works: In the truest sense of the word, this is a prepackaged diet. Although there are many options from which to chose (women's, men's, diabetics, heart health, and metabolism boosting), all of the plans provide you with enough food to eat the company's prepackaged foods five times per day. Once per day you will prepare your own fresh, large, healthful meal (this is called the "lean and green," and it consist of lean protein and veggies.) So, you're eating six times per day, but only preparing one meal (and you can make this preparation really easy by using an indoor grill and bagged vegetables.)

\"Diet Meals\"

The prepackaged foods are generally quick and easy to prepare and assemble. Some of the shakes require a blender, but some don't. The bars require only that you remove the wrapper, but some of the other foods, like the eggs and oatmeal, require only minimal assembly.

Prepackaged Diet Meals Review - A Look at the Medifast Diet

Medifast Food Choices And Taste: There are over 70 food choices with this diet. Examples are the shakes and bars, puddings and cappuccinos, chili and stews, crackers and chips, fruit drinks and hot chocolates, etc. The taste for the most part is pretty good and better than I expected. And, you can make it even better by adding fat free syrups, whipped creams, sour cream, cheese, humus, etc. I really like to use the pudding as a base for recipes that allow you to make muffins and cookies.

How Ketosis And A Low Amount Of Carbohydrates Make This Diet Very Effective: Many people don't realize this, but this is technically a low carb diet. All of the foods are low in calories and high in protein. This works to force your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. Since you are depriving it of carbs that it would usually burn for energy, it instead has to turn on stored fat which in turn will really ramp up your metabolism and weight loss.

I believe that this is why Medifast works so well and is so effective. In essence, it works a lot like the South Beach or Atkins diet, but you don't have to eat meat or eggs all of the time. As a result, many people see pretty quick and dramatic results as long as they follow the instructions to a reasonable degree.

Cost: This diet's cost is pretty typical of a prepackaged diet. It's around - per day and this can be better with coupons, specials and discounts that are very frequently offered. When you think about it, with the cost of groceries and gas today, this may actually be less than you spend on groceries.

Bottom Line: At the end of the day, my review of Medifast is positive. It's a very effective diet, the food is pretty decent tasting, and it's very convenient and easy to follow. They aren't any calories to count, or many choices to make. You just mostly eat the foods they give you, and you're on your way.

Prepackaged Diet Meals Review - A Look at the Medifast Diet

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