Frozen Diet Meals - A Simple Review!

Eating nutritional meals while dieting and leading a busy life can be hard. I have recently gotten into the habit of buying a bunch of "diet" frozen dinners and taking them to work. A quick microwave and I am back at my desk with something that is good for me and filling. So I thought I would review a couple of the ones that I have been munching on in case you have been thinking about doing the same. So let's start with the Weight Watchers Smart Ones. Honestly I tried these because they were the cheapest brand on average I could find. They have a good selection under at my location and then some around .50. So I could spend about for a full week when at a restaurant I would be lucky to get a single meal and a fast food restaurant I could stretch that to two days if I worked at it a little. So I have tried all of the cheaper ones and some of the next level.

On the cheap I would have to say I am addicted to the Smart Ones Creamy Rigatoni with Broccoli & Chicken. Something about the sauce has me licking the bowl when I am done. It has 290 calories, only 8 grams of fat, and a Points value of 6. I don't know about the Weight Watcher's Point system, so not sure if 6 is good or bad. Something just doesn't seem right when pasta is part of my diet, but I would eat this even if not worried about the calories and fat.

\"Diet Meals\"

They offer three meals with turkey, but my favorite is Turkey Medallions with Mushroom Gravy. It has only 200 calories, 10 grams of fat, and a Points value of 4. Mostly because I like the green beans as a side, the turkey is the same in all three meals. If you like mashed potatoes with a little kick, the Slow-Roasted Turkey Breast has garlic-herb potatoes.

Frozen Diet Meals - A Simple Review!

Finally I would recommend any of the meals with macaroni and cheese, my favorite being the Salisbury Steak. It has 250 calories, only 4.5 grams of fat, and a Points value of 5. Something about Salisbury steak that says frozen dinner. It has really great gravy and I repeat the macaroni and cheese alone is worth the purchase. I think I have pasta issues.

If I had to recommend against any of the meals I would suggest you steer away from the Tuna Noodle Gratin. It has 260 calories, only 7 grams of fat, and a Points value of 5. This is actually a great tasting and filling meal. The problem is that when it is microwaved the whole office will smell like tuna fish. In a way that it will not go unnoticed by your colleagues. I say keep this one at home.

In summary, I would not let the low prices fool you. Weight Watchers Smart Ones food is delicious, filling, and economical. I have tried some other more expensive diet meals, but to me none are so much better that they demand a higher price. Let me know what you think and check the ingredients before trying any of these meals if you have any food allergies.

Frozen Diet Meals - A Simple Review!

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