A Gout Diet - Foods You Can Eat

Gout is a common condition for both men and women. It is also considered to be very painful by those that have had an attack with gout. Gout is an inflammation of the joints that is caused by the crystallization of uric acids.

Usually there is swelling, redness and often a burning sensation accompanied by moderate to severe pain. Often the pain is crippling for the individual. Generally a change in diet will be ordered to assist in treating gout. Gout diet foods have lower levels of purines and sodium.

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Why do gout diet foods need to be lower in purines and sodium? Purines induce the production of uric acid, which if not removed from the body fast enough will begin to crystallize as deposits on the joints of an individual. These deposits are what cause the pain, swelling, redness and burning sensation that is often associated with gout.

Gout diet foods that you should eat are not as scarce as you might think. Many people look at the list of foods they should no longer eat and begin to wonder if there is anything left for them to eat. There are quite a few foods that can still be enjoyed by a person that suffers from gout.

You should begin eating a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables to assist with defeating your gout now, and in the future. It is generally recommended that a person that suffers from gout symptoms begin consuming about 5 servings per day of fresh fruits and veggies.

You will also be recommended to increase the amount of fluids and types of fluids you drink daily. Water is the best beverage for you to drink. It is important for you to drink between 10-12 8 oz glasses of liquids per day. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, as they can increase the levels of uric acid produced in your body.

You are going to have to make some drastic changes to your diet because of gout. But that does not mean you are not going to have to eat foods that lack flavor. Gout diet foods can be tasty with the right combination. It might take some time for you to find the combination that really tickles your taste buds, but in the long run it will be well worth it if you can ward of any future attacks of gout.

A Gout Diet - Foods You Can Eat

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