The Food Pyramid, Healthy Eating and Dieting

Most people are aware of "The Food Pyramid". It is basically a guideline created by the government as a guide for eating healthy. As of lately there has been an upgrade to the food pyramid however it not a great guideline for losing weight.

It is important to understand that the Food Pyramid was not created for the purpose of weight loss. It is simply a guideline for eating and maintaining general body health.

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The Food Pyramid has vague nutritional guidelines and recommends people should eat by the ounce the type of food based on a person's age, weight, sex and other factors. Attempting to calculate all that is nutritionally required using this system isn't fun, practical, nor is it easy to do.

There is an Online Diet Calculator that can assist you in losing weight by making a calculation in terms of the meals that you have to eat. To diet successfully you really have to eat the right foods at the right time, and the calculator makes it simple to do this. You could find this calculator in the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program.

Counting calories and reading food labels makes losing weight a tedious and difficult to follow process. There is no time to do all the additional work.

Many have lost weight successfully without sacrificing meals, portions, carbohydrates, and fats. It is not necessary to suffer in order to lose weight. You really owe yourself an effective and healthy way to shed pounds and keep them off.

The Food Pyramid is not an effective source of information when looking to lose weight. It is written to provide general guidelines for eating healthy. Calculating from the pyramid what you need to eat is not easy nor is it fun to do. Remember you can loose weight successfully with out having to count calories.

The Food Pyramid, Healthy Eating and Dieting

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