Low Residue Diet - Foods For a Low Fiber, Low Residue Diet Menu Plan

Often you feel that you are literally going to explode or simply cannot do anything, but lie down due to the pain you feel in the abdominal area. Instead of relying on medications, which is not the best solution in many cases, you can try the low residue diet. It is simple to keep and it is very effective for sufferers from gastrointestinal tract problems.

The main purpose of this diet is to reduce the number all undigested nutrients that remain in the body after food intake. By decreasing this quantity the number and amount of stools is reduced. One example of a nutrient that cannot be fully digested is fiber. It is often recommended since it aids bowel movements and the reduction of cholesterol in the body, but in fact in the majority of cases of people suffering from a certain medical condition associated with a gastrointestinal problem fiber should be excluded from the diet almost completely. Unfortunately, poor digestion and problems with the bowel are common today given the sedentary lifestyle we have and the unhealthy food we eat, but the low residue diet can help for the fixing of the problem.

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In fact, this nutritional plan is recommended by the majority of medical specialist treating their patients for gastrointestinal diseases and often after surgical interventions. By adopting the low residue diet you will get effective relief from the symptoms that are torturing you and interfering with your daily life. In case the medical treatment you are receiving cannot provide for your permanent cure, it is best to adopt the diet every time you start experiencing the problem. The different types of digestive diseases are usually very hard to get rid of permanently so you need to create a dietary plan that you can use every time the problem flares up. It is also a good idea to keep the necessary products at home all the time.

You will be surprised to find that the low residue diet contains quite delicious foods and that it also excludes some of the healthiest ones. The breads, cereals and pasta that do not contain any fiber have to replace the whole grain ones. The fruit and vegetables as well as the nuts should be completely excluded. The milk and natural yogurt as well as the tender poultry, fish and meat are in. Your nutritional plan should also include eggs and white rice. You can drink fruit juices, but only the ones without pulp. It is essential for you to get standard food portions and to keep the most beneficial time of menu schedule with three main meals and two snacks in between them during the day.

Do not hesitate to try the low residue diet every time you have a digestive problem and you will definitely get the relief that you desire. The foods it includes are tasty and you can come up with a variety of great recipes for cooking them that are healthy in a number of ways. You are guaranteed to feel better and enjoy your meals fully.

Low Residue Diet - Foods For a Low Fiber, Low Residue Diet Menu Plan

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