5 Minute Office Workout

The creator of this workout program is Bob Harper, who was a trainer for the TV Show, "The Biggest Loser". He teamed up with MSN to come up with this free, online program for exercise to help the office worker that sits behind the desk for 8 hours and the most exercise he gets is from the car to the house or to work. By doing exercises at your desk, or while sitting in your chair, he instructs you how to tighten target areas, while you are sitting or standing in your office, and eating healthy, by watching what you bring for lunch each day.

The Lunchbox:

The website offers a virtual "lunchbox", where you can put different items in there and it will tell you the calorie count, carb count and other nutrition counts. The descriptions are fairly basic so it may list "chicken sandwich" but not give the count if you heap it with cheese, lettuce, and tomato, for example. It is a helpful guide, as some people don't realize the calorie count in potato chips versus celery sticks, and the premise is that eating one healthy, low calorie meal per day, will show a difference over time, in addition to the easy, in office workout program. It makes it fun to try different combos, and you can add and subtract items from your "lunchbox", to see the different calorie counts.


At Least it's free:

There is no cost for the online program, and can give you many ideas for packing a healthy lunch, instead of eating out. The exercises are shown on video by Bob Harper, so that you can see how they are done. The downside is that some workdays may not allow time for the workouts, and the menu nutrition counts are basic and don't allow for some of the extras that people tend to put in their meals, and the extras are where the wasted calories are often hidden.


There are 22, 5- minute videos, done with employees in surprise visits by Bob to their offices, to prove how anyone can master them. It makes it entertaining, and they are targeted to different areas and some are done sitting, some standing. Because so many office workers have a fairly sedentary lifestyle, it gives a metabolism boost, and helps burn a few more calories than normal. It helps to have office participation as support, but can be done individually without anybody else in the office knowing, as well.

In Conclusion:

This is a free, (you have to create an account), minimal life impact weight loss, workout program, that can be fit into any lifestyle, by curbing calories in one meal a day at work. Of course, it helps to eat sensibly the other meals to make it a healthy lifestyle. By working out while at the job, it is a sort of multi-tasking program that can break up your day and boost your metabolism at that mid-afternoon lull. Of course, if you have space to walk at your workplace after lunch, it helps accelerate the workout program and weight loss.

5 Minute Office Workout

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