Acid Reflux Diet Menu To Avoid Heartburn

Acid reflux diet menu is very important for people who suffer from acid reflux frequently. Acid reflux or gastric reflux or GERD, which is commonly referred to as heart burn is a condition where the contents of the stomach find their way back to the throat instead of the digestive system. The acid, the bile and pepsin cause a burning sensation in the throat. The burning sensation can be felt all the way along the stomach, chest and throat. This condition is called acid reflux or heartburn. This may be caused due to excessive acid in stomach or due to food allergies. There are acid reflux and heartburn remedies like medications, home remedies and lifestyle modifications.

You should follow some lifestyle modifications that are listed below.

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1. Avoid eating large quantities of food. Big meals produce more acids. It is better to eat five times a day in small portions.

Acid Reflux Diet Menu To Avoid Heartburn

2. Finish your dinner at least two hours before going to bed.

3. Observe which food causes heartburn by maintaining a food diary.

4. Drink plenty of water.

5. If you are overweight or obese take steps to reduce your weight.

6. It is better to say goodbye to alcohol. If it is not possible, restrict the intake of alcohol

7. Stop smoking

8. Keep your head straight while eating.

9. Eat slowly

10. Exercise regularly.

Before formulating a diet plan, foods to be avoided, foods to be taken in moderation and foods that are safe must be known.

Foods To Be Avoided In Diet Menu For Acid Reflux

1. The first in the list is all types of fried and spicy foods.

2. Fruits to be avoided include citrus fruits.

3. Processed food

4. Chocolates

5. Coffee

6. Soda drinks

7. Milk

8. Vegetables like raw onion

9. Meat

10 Baked foods like high-fat butter cookies.

The foods that can be taken in moderation include fruits like grapes, blueberries and peach; dairy products like yogurt and cheese, vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower and drinks like non alcoholic beer.

Foods That Are To Be Included in Diet Menu For Acid Reflux

1. Rice

2. Bread

3. Fruits like apples, pears and bananas

4. Vegetables like green peas, beans, carrots and potatoes.

5. Fat free chicken, fish and ground beef

6. Egg white

7. Fat free cheese and cream.

8. Green tea

9. Oats

Now that the foods to be avoided and foods to be taken in plenty and moderation are clear, acid reflux diet menu can be planned.

For breakfast you can have 2 slices of wheat bread, white omelet, slices of melon and a cup of green tea. You can have an apple or a banana for mid morning snack. For lunch you can have rice and fat free chicken stew and boiled or baked fish. Raw carrots or cucumber can be had for mid afternoon snack. For dinner you can have pasta cooked with chicken or ground beef and vegetables like beans and carrots. Salads that have fat free dressing is also recommended. For desserts you can have fruit salad with custard or apple pies.

You need not worry that you have to starve or have a boring menu if you are suffering from acid reflux. All you need to do is be creative in your cooking. You can cook tasty dishes if you avoid the foods that cause heartburn. To add flavor to the dishes you can add ginger that treats gastric reflux. Include a variety of dishes in your acid reflux diet menu and make sure that you cook with care to avoid getting acid reflux.

Acid Reflux Diet Menu To Avoid Heartburn believes in a natural and holistic approach to curing your heartburn pain. It is our belief that antacids and other heartburn medicines reduce the amount of stomach acid produced, which creates even more health-related complications. It is not the stomach acid that is the problem, but the foods we eat.

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